Titanfall sweeps E3 Game Critics Awards

Respawn's Xbox One exclusive picks up all major trophies, including Best of Show and Best Original Game

Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall has swept the board at E3's Game Critics Awards, triumphing in all of the most important categories and picking up six trophies in total.

Titanfall won every single category in which it was nominated: Best of Show, Best Original Game, Best Console Game, Best PC Game, Best Action Game and Best Online Multiplayer. Bungie's Destiny received five nominations, but didn't win a single award

Titanfall is the debut project from the studio founded by former Infinity Ward leads Jason West and Vince Zampella. It is also an Xbox One exclusive, so the unanimous approval of the E3 judges stands as one of the few bright-spots in an otherwise dismal show for Microsoft.

Sony did have one exclusive game among the winners: Media Molecule's Tearaway for Best Handheld/Mobile Game, though as a Vita title it is perhaps not on the platform Sony would have preferred.

The other winners were Creative Assembly's Total War: Rome II for Best Strategy Game, Oculus Rift for Best Hardware/Peripheral, Ubisoft's Watch Dogs for Best Action/Adventure, Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls Online for Best Role-Playing Game, EA's Need For Speed: Rivals for Best Racing Game, EA's NHL 14 for Best Sports Game, Harmonix's Fantasia: Music Evolved for Best Social/Casual Game and Supergiant Games' Transistor for Best Downloadable Game.

The E3 Game Critics Awards are voted for by a panel of established outlets, including specialist media like Polygon, Game Informer, PC Gamer, Kotaku, Gamespot, IGN, Giant Bomb and Joystiq, and mainstream publications like USA Today, Wired, The Los Angeles Times and Entertainment Weekly.

For a full list of the judges, follow the link.

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John Karageorgiou consultant 4 years ago
Good choice on the harwarde/peripheral award - this has the potential to redefine the gaming experience altogether and with the upgraded specifications for next gen, developers will be keen to test and build for this hardware too.
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Alex Wright-Manning Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Datascope4 years ago
We seem to be missing a category here... Best Strategy Game?
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Pier Castonguay Programmer 4 years ago
.. and best Single Player / Story since TitanFall is multi only.
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 4 years ago
It is also an Xbox One exclusive
Kind of. Theres also going to be a 360 version(as well as PC), so in that case it's more of a Microsoft's consoles exclusive.
so the unanimous approval of the E3 judges stands as one of the few bright-spots in an otherwise dismal show for Microsoft.
I still think they had a very good show based on what they talked about and showed during their conference. The obvious sore spot was that $500 price reveal but all the game announcements were just what they needed.

As for Titanfall, it's definitely shaping up to be a hit based on what I've seen so far. And I have a feeling that once it launches the vast majority of people won't mind that it's a multiplayer online-only title.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Paul Jace on 4th July 2013 1:42am

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