Sony increases PS4 sales projections post-E3

The system's warm reception at E3 has Sony raising its numbers

After an impressive performance at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony Corporation has raised its internal sales projections for the PlayStation 4. Sony Computer Entertainment chief executive officer Andrew House told the Wall Street Journal about the change in projections, but did not quantify those numbers. He noted that the console's popularity could lead to shortages at launch.

"Demand may well outstrip supply," he said.

Gamestop executives concurred with House's statement. On Amazon, the PlayStation 4 and its titles hold many of the top slots on the best-selling list in the games section. Sony is hoping to keep the momentum going heading into the holiday season.

"We're excited about the momentum," said Sony Computer Entertainment of America chief executive officer Jack Tretton.

Tretton also downplayed the threat of the mobile market, insisting smartphones and tablets are gateways into console gaming.

"I think there are more people going from smartphones to tablets to Call of Duty than those going from Call of Duty to smartphones and tablets," he said. "We're clearly betting that the future is very bright for the console."

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Makeda De'Jene Creative Director & Founder, Zombie Gamer Online8 years ago
It's pretty obvious that their sales are increasing-- they aren't being wishy washy with their console's details. Sony stayed quiet, pretty much listened to what their consumers wanted, not as many restrictions when it comes to their games. Microsoft pretty much handed them a win.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 8 years ago
That said... I hope to hell they don't OVER-project based on the wave of positivity gotten that doesn't at all guarantee success even with a ton of pre-orders being made. Sony needs to really let the games speak for themselves and perhaps even scale those targets back a bit to whatever they were pre-E3, as I can see the whole "PS4 sells below expectations, Sony stocks tumble" being a "story" despite a few million happy gamers sitting at home or elsewhere having a blast...

Microsoft seems content in their own digital world, so I'll leave them be for (the moment)...
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Poll on Amazon asked which of the 2 consoles people would buy. It ended with almost 40000 votes and the ps4 having a 94% win.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 8 years ago
Oh, I saw that poll and both the GameStops in my area are saying they have quite a few PS4 pre-orders in already (I pop in just to take the occasional poll, which has been pretty helpful). But I still think dialing back estimates is a better deal, as being a few thousand units under a huge target just means a game news cycle of blowhard analysts saying "I told you so!" as more folks want to chase them around with torches... =^P
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Antony Carter Senior Programmer, Epic Games8 years ago
I would expect these raised expectations are based off pre order numbers from retailers, not polls on twitter and facebook. They are running a business after all.
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Cant find any UK PS4 bundles yet.

That could market for a nice 399 unit
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Ruben Monteiro Engineer 8 years ago
Well, Sony (and the rest of the world) naturally didn't expect that Microsoft would commit suicide in the console space, offering them millions of extra customers overnight.
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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 8 years ago
Well I think they should keep there sales projections increase modest. I know these announcements make shareholders and investors happy. However it helps to be modest for any type of expectations, because when things turn out better than you thought they would, than its a reason to celebrate. However if you fail to meet expectations the impact is alot softer and you dont look so bad.

However in my area, PS4 pre-orders have been booming. Things look pretty good for SONY.
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