Vlambeer suffers E3 theft

Ridiculous Fishing dev a victim of crime at trade show

Vlambeer, the developer behind Ridiculous Fishing and Super Crate Box, lost a significant amount of hardware and the code for its new title Luftrauser after the items were stolen at E3.

"Basically everything Vlambeer is in the bag," co-founder Rami Ismail told Polygon.

"So it kind of feels like Vlambeer got stolen. We have good backups. We take good care of everything, We've got decent backups to continue working. It's just a giant pain."

Polygon also reported a theft, and local authorities told Ismail that E3 attendees were at risk.

"When I said a bag with hardware was stolen they said, 'Are you down for the convention?' Apparently, there had been quite a few reports about stuff that was stolen. They actually mentioned that it was likely people had been targeting people that were at the convention."

The items that were stolen included a laptop, iPads, a Vita and a Vita test kit, and a Kindle Fire. Polygon lost a camera. Despite the reports, the ESA said the incidents this year had been "minimal."

"Our security team and attendees did an excellent job in securing valuables on-site. There were minimal occurrences this year and we appreciate everyone's vigilance in following common sense procedures."

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gi biz ;, 8 years ago
Encrypting your important data is never too much. That's a "common sense procedure", as they say. You don't need to go as far as encrypting the whole root partition, but with tools as truecrypt it's so ridiculously easy there's no excuse for not doing it. Luckily for them they had sound backups at least.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 8 years ago
Given all the so-called security and such it allegedly takes to get into the convention center, I wonder if it's either some inside job or worse, E3 stilll allowing people to get in who shouldn't be there. I've only been to a few, but each one has had a theft incident and you know it's not some journalist trying to get a scoop in the worst way possible...
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Andrew Animator 8 years ago
Diligence is the best way to avoid this. Presumably the bag with all that hardware was left unattended.
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Micaiah Stevens Owner & Freelance Game Designer, Haven Studios LLC8 years ago
Love all the victim blaming in this. Being stolen from happens to everyone.
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Paul Johnson Managing Director / Lead code monkey, Rubicon Development8 years ago
It's easy enough to lose a bag, happens all the time. But if these guys brought a PC with their latest games source code on it, they deserve all they get. I mean, really? That's misreporting, right?
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 8 years ago
@Paul/others: Not if it's the security doing the theft. It happens in some cases where you may THINK something is safe but it's gone and yeah, no one gets caught or found out because they happen to be the first ones reported to before the cops roll up an can alibi away because no one saw them until they popped up once summoned.

That said, backups kind of help and in a safe place at the home base, at that.

Amusingly enough (or not so amusingly enough), I can recall when a certain torrent site was sunk by the feds and all its content destroyed, there seemed to be many folks ranting that ALL their data they stored there was gone for good, so it goes all ways in terms of keeping some sort of important files elsewhere, I suppose...
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Paul Johnson Managing Director / Lead code monkey, Rubicon Development8 years ago
It's not that they had "stuff" stolen, that's hardly their fault even if there wasn't any fail in general security- it's the bloody criminals who commit crime and let's not forget it.

But taking source code out of your secure environment into one that's about as insecure as possible is just plain ridiculous. This would be a sackable offense in a big studio, and rightly so - the damage could run into millions. I am actually amazed they would admit to this part in public, hence my misreporting question.
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Makeda De'Jene Creative Director & Founder, Zombie Gamer Online8 years ago
I was there this year and they were SUPER anal about who was let into the media registration room. So it was definitely another journalist being a douche.
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