Unreal Engine 4 Partner Program enlists Oculus, Nvidia, and Autodesk

Epic Games brings middleware together to strengthen Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games has announced the Unreal Engine 4 Integrated Partner Program (IPP), which gives developers a clear list of a trusted middleware solutions that are integrated with the latest Unreal Engine. This program mirrors the Unreal Engine 3 Integrated Partner Program, which included Nvidia's PhysX, Audiokinetic's Wwise, Autodesk's Scaleform, and OC3's FaceFX.

"The new Integrated Partners Program helps Unreal Engine 4 developers maximize their time with the most advanced toolset we've ever developed," said Epic Games founder and technical director Tim Sweeney. "We have taken the time to integrate UE4 with the best middleware technologies so our licensees can stay focused on making great games."

The starting IPP lineup is:

  • Audiokinetic - Wwise
  • Autodesk - Autodesk Gameware
  • Donya Labs - Simplygon
  • Geomerics - Enlighten
  • IDV - SpeedTree for Games
  • Intel - Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB)
  • NaturalMotion - morpheme and euphoria
  • NVIDIA - PhysX and APEX
  • Oculus VR - Oculus Rift
  • RAD Game Tools - Bink Video and Telemetry Performance Visualizer
  • RealD - RealD Developer Kit (RDK)
  • Umbra Software - Umbra 3
  • Xoreax - IncrediBuild-XGE

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Tim Carter Designer - Writer - Producer 4 years ago
Here's something:

Give us users command over the horrid UDK camera controls.

And, for god's sake, make it easier to manipulate bsp. You still need bsp to mock up geometry, and Unreal's bsp modelling controls have always been atrocious compared to Hammer/Worldcraft.

Also, while on the topic of bsp, in my opinion lightmapping is a type of shading that should remain. As a technology it's obsolete. But as an art medium it is not. No art medium is obsolete. People are still using canvas now, which has been around for centuries.

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Tim Carter on 6th June 2013 7:10pm

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