Microsoft takes Xbox One meetings in Hollywood

Ballmer and Tellem reportedly wooing CBS and Sony TV executives

If the recent Microsoft Xbox One reveal wasn't enough to make you believe in its commitment to providing an entertainment service, now there's news that CEO Steve Ballmer and entertainment studios president Nancy Tellem are courting TV executives in Hollywood with the new console.

Deadline reported that the pair have had meetings with CBS chief Les Moonves, Sony TV boss Steve Mosko, and WME co-CEOS Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell, while an insider told Deadline that the purpose of the visits was "to reiterate Microsoft's commitment to transitioning its business to devices and services and to explaining that Hollywood entertainment is a big part of that. Microsoft in the past has just dipped a toe but now has a real commitment."

Apparently declaring during the visits that he "doesn't want to be a cable channel," Ballmer showed of the new Xbox One to the execs ahead of E3 next week, and pushed the technological capabilities of the machine hard, giving examples of how it could apply to sports, music, reality TV and scripted shows.

Microsoft's E3 press conference will take place on Monday, at 9.30am PT and 5.30pm BST.

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Latest comments (13)

Craig Burkey Software Engineer 4 years ago
CBS? Get a Proper Star Trek TV series going and the Xbox One will be hard to say no to
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Caleb Hale Journalist 4 years ago
It's a little disappointing Microsoft doesn't want to rock the boat more with TV content. If they don't want Xbox One to be a replacement for cable, then Microsoft is hitching its wagon to a service people find a lot less palatable today than in years past. Putting an Xbox-flavored overlay on cable is new paint on an old house that's falling apart.
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Christopher Thigpen Lead Producer, Kiz Studios4 years ago

And don't forget you have to double the for your cable AND your Xbox Live Services.
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James Berg Games User Researcher, EA Canada4 years ago
@Craig - Interesting idea. I'd certainly be more interested in an XBO if there was an exclusive Star Trek on XBLA.
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You really will not need cable anymore just a console and internet connectivity, you then can get your shows and movies direct from the source.
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Ralph Tricoche Studying MA, CUNY4 years ago
This is the best SITCOM I've seen in years. The reveal was poor and not having a media presentation at E3 followed and now this.
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Hear the meeting at Disney/ABC was the longest.... smile and say StarWars channel!
Shame MS sacked all those original Xbox TV executives, they would not have had to rush round cap in hand!

Edited 1 times. Last edit by kevin williams on 5th June 2013 7:15pm

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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 4 years ago
@Kevin: Well, my goofball predictions may come true IF we see MS score a Star Wars exclusive for the XBO in terms of DICE doing a Battlefront style shooter and the console getting an exclusive SW series. Provided Disney doesn't muck up the license somehow with the new films, that sort of muscle is going to be hard to ignore for SW fans.

That said, there had better be a decent new SW themed RPG in there somewhere, as not everyone likes running around and shooting each other in the face as their sole entertainment choice...
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Caleb Hale Journalist 4 years ago

Microsoft established the Xbox Live paywall, I think, knowing they'd be marketing the service to more than hardcore gamers. Part of me likes to say XBL should only charge for its online gaming and access to game demos, but Microsoft would miss major revenue from people who use the Xbox 360 primarily to access streaming video content. Xbox Live would become far less profitable to maintain then.

Now, I think the company squandered a chance to turn the paywall frustration of the 360 into a positive development for the Xbox One by not building a "ballsier box" when it came to the console's non-gaming functions. I bet even the gamers would have tolerated all the TV talk at the May reveal if Microsoft had presented the Xbox One as a comprehensive entertainment alternative to a la carte cable packages. Instead, the company (quite literally via its HDMI pass-through) will be tying the console to the cable receiver.

Microsoft might have thought twice about going this direction if the execs had even polled their own employees about whether they had cable and, if so, how they felt about their service. The price of keeping cable and satellite services is a sore subject in many American households.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 4 years ago
@Caleb: I've been bitching about this for years, but a simple box that allowed each user to tailor content is probably the perfect solution to this whole debacle. You want to play games ONLY in SP and or online modes? Pay for the base console. You want to add stuff like sports, movies, and whatever else? buy in to what you need. You don't give a crap about what's in the box because you have money to burn? Buy the royale deluxe pack and smug it up because you have the best thing on the block.

All those plans can be upgraded, of course or downgraded if a service goes dead or a user wants to replace them with something else. Same console, different uses. Those who want to make money are happy because it's flying off the shelves and those who are spending their money are happy because they're not stuck with a HDD full of crap services they never used, nor plan to use. And if/when they decide to move on up, it's the user who gets to decide how much more they pay for, not some mandated upgrade that pisses them off.
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Yousa thinking yousa people ganna die?
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 4 years ago
@Kevin: That will be the quote from some Star Wars fans who still don't want the XBO if there's an exclusive. George Lucas will need "a dome over that ranch" even though he's not involved with this any longer (that quote I overheard while walking past the GameStop here from two guys leaving and speculating/complaining about next-gen and yeah, I laughed out loud at that)...
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@Greg - just snorted my tea - thanks!

Yeah there is a lot of "love" out there for the Xbone and the Phony4 - think this generation are a bit jaded to the whole caravan surrounding what are fundamentally game consoles trying to be set-top-boxes. Also the whole cash gouging through used games, subscriptions, DRM and premium content is going to backfire.

The need to go cap in hand to Disney and CBS is a busted flush approach - the whole situation seems to be driven by suits that don't get gaming but do get advertising revenue between television breaks!

Note - oh yes, George is still very much involved! Disney are so happy!

Edited 1 times. Last edit by kevin williams on 6th June 2013 11:49am

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