Free and mobile gamers outnumber all other segments - NPD

Despite lack of growth, core console players still outspend their social and mobile counterparts

The industry tracking NPD Group today released some highlights from its 2013 Gamer Segmentation report, among them a look at which corners of the industry are seeing player growth.

One of those groups, the one the NPD calls "free & mobile gamers," also happens to be the largest. In an online survey of 8,831 individuals, the NPD Group found that 29 percent of respondents would be classified as free & mobile gamers, up 2 percent year-over-year.

The only other group to see growth was the "avid omnigamer," defined as frequent players on multiple systems who list consoles or PCs as their platform of choice. This segment represented 16 percent of the industry in the NPD's survey. The other gamer segments--casual, core, family, and social--all saw their ranks decrease year-over-year.

Despite its shrinking slice of the pie (only 10 percent this year), the core console gamer segment is clearly still crucial to the industry. They are spending more money on their games than any of the other segments, and reported playing on an average of five different platforms. (The Xbox 360 was the most commonly played system among the core crowd.) On top of that, core console players were most likely to use their game systems for non-gaming purposes like streaming movies.

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Mark Venturelli Game Designer, Critical Studio8 years ago
Are digital sales included? NPD usually deals only with retail data, or am I confusing things here?
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Brett Caird Production Director/Founder, 5th Cell8 years ago
NPD's sales statistics have historically been retail only, but this article isn't referring to those stats, it is commenting on survey results. Likely the survey included questions about how much the respondent spent on the games they played and the comments about spending by each segment will be referring to the comparisons of those responses.
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James Berg Games User Researcher 8 years ago
This kind of unverified survey research needs to be taken with a major grain of salt, particularly for spending habits. People are generally bad at tracking how much money they spend, particularly digitally.
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Dave Wolfe Game Developer, Cosmic Games8 years ago
What's the difference between "avid omnigamer" and "core" if both groups play games on consoles and other platforms?
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