NFL-Microsoft deal cost $400 million

Partnership unveiled at Xbox One event carries five-year term, goes beyond Xbox One

Microsoft must hope the NFL partnership announced at yesterday's Xbox One announcement will move some hardware, because it's costing the company a pretty penny. According to the Associated Press, the deal will see the NFL receive $400 million over five years.

As might be expected given that investment, the deal will extend far beyond an app for the new system. Microsoft's brand will also receive exposure on the sidelines during NFL broadcasts, including logo placement on the hoods covering referees' on-field instant replay viewers. Going beyond that, the league expects to have coaches and coordinators using Microsoft Surface tablets to call in plays, pending review by the league's competition committee.

"Anything we do will go through the proper approval processes," NFL Media COO Brian Rolapp told the AP. "Whatever we do, it's of paramount importance it enhances the competition. We have some gospel points we will not break."

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Paul Jace Merchandiser 4 years ago
Damn. They could have put that money toward buying Activision Blizzard or any number of better things. The only sports league I care about is the UFC and as such the NFL partnership does nothing for me, But atleast I still have my 360 UFC app.
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Dominic Jakube Student 4 years ago
Insane, the 360 sales are only about half U.S. and not all of them would be NFL fans, so thaey spend $400Mill to apease maybe a quarter of their buyers?

NFL,T.V.,sports,call of duty, well they have the dude-bro market all sown up.
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