Watch Microsoft's Xbox: A New Generation Revealed live

Microsoft's Don Mattrick to unveil new console live on Tuesday May 21 at 10am PST / 6pm BST

GamesIndustry International will be streaming the reveal of Microsoft's new Xbox console on Tuesday May 21 during a highly anticipated live event.

Xbox: A New Generation Revealed, hosted by Don Mattrick, is being streamed from Microsoft's Redmond campus, and will be the first official look at a new console and entertainment ecosystem, it's games, features, tech and apps.

As well as the live stream of the reveal, GamesIndustry International will also be bringing you all the news as it breaks, interviews from our team of reporters on-site, developer reactions, opinion and more during the rest of the week.

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Latest comments (9)

Sandy Lobban Founder, Noise Me Up7 years ago
Looking forward to seeing how the device fits in with the wider Microsoft cross device games strategy. I suspect this will work quite well for them going forward. I'm sure they will actually be showing the hardware as well.
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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 7 years ago
Im just gonna go on and say how I felt. As a gamer I did not feel wowed. If your a sports fan it pretty much has alot to offer and if your interested in stuff other than gaming, it has a whole bunch of smart features. However I truely doubt its as easy for the the average person to use as they say. Especially if your disabled or a small kid or have lots a kids. God forbid you get a cold and lose your voice. Between voice commands, hand gestures and different connections needed and all devices intertwined together it can be messy. I dont think the use of a remote control is that much of a nightmare as they claim to be. The technology is impressive though. While PS4 is a very focused machine, The Xbox1 is not. It wants to do everything and not everyone will want to use all its features at the same time. I dont see myself watching a movie talking on skype and browsing the web at the same time. I can barely keep my attention on a movie while on the phone and finally. I doubt all these swinging arms, body movements, hand gestures and voice commands is easier then pushing a button on a remote. The idea is nice, the technology is impressive, right out of s Sci Fi film... but what worries me is the execution and wether i will ever use most of these features. After watching this I kind of miss my remote control.

Through all this I havent compared the PS4 to the Xbox1 all that much, I dont even want to go their. But I dont think I need to.

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Christian Murphy Games Programmer 7 years ago
Without access to a dev kit, nor any great desire to make things other than on PC either... I think I'll just skip this event. If anything actually interesting is announced I'm sure I'll see it on here...
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 7 years ago
I wonder what that "entertainment ecosystem" will mean for Japan and the EU. Is MS going to focus on the U.S alone with its broader strategy?
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 7 years ago
@Klaus--I doubt it. The US will probably get first dibs for some of the features but they aren't going to leave Europe or the other countries out of the loop for long, if at all. Except for maybe Japan. The Japanese have now proven that they really don't care about the US made Microsoft consoles so I don't think Microsoft will show them much love this time around. I would bet that any acknowledgment they show towards Japan in the future is strictly done as a direct result to appease the many great Japanese studios/developers so that they can keep getting their games on their system.

Personally I can't wait for this event tomorrow and took off of work so that I don't miss anything. I'm expecting it to be light on the usually first reveal missing details(price, launch date, etc) but any info they give is another rumor we can put to rest. Tomorrow is going to be very interesting.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Paul Jace on 21st May 2013 3:42am

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Petter Solberg Freelance Writer & Artist, 7 years ago
Microsoft didn't deliver on its promise of multi-language voice support for Kinect (Yes, they did roll out updates for a few of the announced languages after a long while). On top of that their voice support was locked to specific locations, making it almost impossible for most Europeans to use the English language version while waiting for a version in their own language. I hope Microsoft doesn't make this mistake with the next Xbox, but makes each language available to all. If you're from the UK but choose to live in Sweden, you should still be able to use your own language when playing games in your own livingroom.

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Petter Solberg on 21st May 2013 4:53pm

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Jack Pochop Studying Telecommunications, Indiana University7 years ago
I'm trying to go into this open-minded, and attempting not to draw too many comparisons between it and the PS4 right off the bat. The PlayStation 4 timing was just so good. And with that little teaser out yesterday - conveniently right before this morning's Xbox Reveal - Sony's just slayin' it in the marketing. Hope Microsoft can put an equal emphasis on the games, and not depend too much on making this thing a new DVR.
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Petter Solberg Freelance Writer & Artist, 7 years ago
So no fingertracking for Kinect 2.0 then
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Lewis Brown Snr Sourcer/Recruiter, Electronic Arts7 years ago
I was underwhelmed by the release but spoke to my non industry gamer friends who were all extremely excited? maybe we are all obsessed with it being just the gaming machine from our industry ties? I want to see the 15 game exclusive line up at E3 before I start thinking which I will buy.
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