LulzSec hackers handed jail time

Three members of the hacker group will see prison, the youngest given a suspended sentence

Four members of the hacker group LulzSec were sentenced to jail terms at a London court yesterday.

The most severe punishments were handed to Ryan Cleary, 23, who was given 32 months in prison, and Ryan Ackroyd, 26, who was sentenced to 30 months. Jake Davis, 20, will serve a 2 year jail term, while the youngest of the four, Mustafa Al-Bassam, 17, received a 2 year suspended sentence.

All four members had submitted a plea of guilty to a number of charges prior to the verdict. Cleary has also pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography, with a separate trial scheduled for later in the year.

"After initially being alerted by the FBI to criminal activity on British soil, we...quickly began unpicking LulzSec, who had been running riot," said detective superintendent Charlie McMurdie, quoted by Reuters.

"Today's convictions should serve as a deterrent to others who use the internet to commit cyber-attacks."

LulzSec targeted a number of companies while active, but among the most successful attacks was on Sony. It is estimated that LulzSec's activities cost the company more than $20 million.

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Mark Hughes Software Developer, 4J Studios4 years ago
" The most severe punishment was handed to Jake Davis, 20, who will serve a 2 year jail term. "

Last I checked, 30 and 32 months were longer than 2 years.
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Khash Firestorm Senior Programmer, MuHa Games4 years ago
Last I checked, 30 and 32 months were longer than 2 years.
Nah, those are earth months but not years, they plan to send him for 2 years onto uranus which would last... about 168 earth years ;P

Edit: Sony confirmed that "expedition" for the main vilan would cost $19mln

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