Sumo's Chris Eden joins Climax

"When the opportunity came to rejoin the company I jumped at the chance"

Chris Eden has returned to Climax Studios as its new business development manager.

"Chris joins us from Sumo Digital and has over 20 years experience within his field. He has previously worked at SCEA in Developer Relations and devised and launched the Sony Pub Fund," the company's CEO Simon Gardner told Develop.

"Way back in the distant past Chris worked for a young company called Climax - and we are pleased welcome him back to the fold."

Climax is based in Portsmouth and was founded in 1988 and was behind games like Silent Hill: Origins and Bloodforge. This year the studio was announced as a PlayStation 4 development partner by Sony.

"I'm delighted to be returning to Climax, the studio has always been close to my heart and when the opportunity came to rejoin the company I jumped at the chance," Eden added.

"Simon and the team have an exceptionally talented, world-leading studio and I hope I can contribute to their continued success, in an era when we seem to be beset by stories of doom and gloom for UK developers. Climax continues to act as a showcase for the best of British development."

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