Apple App Store nearing 50 billion downloads

iOS storefront approaches milestone, games account for 19 of all-time top 25 paid apps

In March of 2012, Apple announced that its customers had downloaded 25 billion apps from the App Store. In the 14 months since, it has almost doubled that figure. Apple today launched a promotion to mark the 50 billion download milestone, which it has "nearly" reached.

In addition, the company updated its lists of the top 25 all-time apps, both paid and free. Games dominated the paid app list, claiming 19 of the 25 spots. Rovio's Angry Birds is the all-time top paid app, followed by Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, Cut the Rope, and Angry Birds: Seasons.

Games were less prominent on the free app list, unable even to crack the top five spots over offerings like Facebook, Pandora, and Instagram. Words With Friends was the best performing free game, coming in sixth place on the chart. Only five other games made the free chart: Temple Run, Angry Birds Free, Draw Something Free, Fruit Ninja Free, and Pac-Man Lite.

Apple first launched the App Store in July of 2008. In its first year of operation, it had racked up 1.5 billion downloads.

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Private Industry 9 years ago
Lets see how long before Bruce shows up and says mobile is the only future for games.

Did they release the actual download numbers would like to know them. Worth noting is that if you switch to a new iPhone or iPad you download the apps again so the numbers are inflated.

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Tom Keresztes Programmer 9 years ago
Mobile is the only future for games ! At least until the next gold fever.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Tom Keresztes on 5th May 2013 9:09pm

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Anthony Chan9 years ago
I don't think the actual numbers have been released. I myself was looking for them. That number not being released may be linked to the contest they are holding - 50 Billionth download wins something like a $10,000 app store gift card...

Which will be very yummy for my Defender of Texel addiction lol.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Anthony Chan on 7th May 2013 3:05pm

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Brook Jones Programmer, United Front Games9 years ago
@Werner, when Apple talks about "downloads" in this context, they're referring to a new purchase or first-time install of an app only. Re-downloading it on another device (with the same iTunes account) does not count as a new "download" for this purpose. Note this press release regarding the 40-billion mark a few months ago:

...specifically the footnote: "*40 billion unique downloads excluding re-downloads and updates."
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