iOS to dominate mobile gaming through 2018 - Report

DFC Intelligence expects iTunes to more than triple Google Play game revenues even as Android outnumbers iPhones 3:1

Apple's iOS may be losing market share to devices running Google's Android, but the iPhone maker should continue bringing in more money from games on its platforms for years to come. That's according to a new report from DFC Intelligence covering the global games and apps market for smartphones and tablets.

By 2018, DFC expects annual revenues from iOS games to hit $9.7 billion, compared to $2.7 billion for games from the Google Play store. For reference, the report lists the current record for single-year mobile game revenue on a platform as $6.6 billion, a mark reached by the Nintendo DS in 2008.

Even as Apple continues to lead the way in mobile game sales, DFC anticipates the company's iPhone and iPad lines to be outsold by a proliferation of Android devices. The report predicts a worldwide total of 829 million active Android phones in 2018, compared to 265 million active iPhones. A similar disparity is projected to surface in the tablet market. As for how Apple can grow revenues while losing market share, DFC cited the user-friendliness of the iOS ecosystem, and the way it allows purchases to be accessed through multiple devices.

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Latest comments (2)

Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 4 years ago
By 2018 iOS could well be the number three mobile OS (or lower). It is only available on a very small number of different devices and is a walled garden. Even the Alibaba OS will be on more devices. And there are 300 different manufacturers in China making Android phones. WinPhone is growing very rapidly and already has more different devices in the market than iOS.

We are heading rapidly towards an installed base of 7 billion smartphones (passing 2 billion this year). Apple will be a relatively small percentage of these. Admittedly iOS owners on average spend more. But the sheer numbers on other platforms will more than make up for this.
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Paul Johnson Managing Director / Lead code monkey, Rubicon Development4 years ago
Stop encouraging them to diverge more Bruce, Android is bad enough already. :)

I agree though. And the more the blinkered AAA devs keep out of the way the better from our PoV.
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