Ambient Studios to close, Death Inc backers to be refunded

Dev couldn't "make enough money to keep the wolves from the door"

Ambient Studios, the developer behind Monster Meltdown and the in-development Death Inc. has announced that it will be shutting down as a result of financial issues.

The studio announced the closure via its website, expressing sadness and thanking fans for support.

"Hi all," reads the statement. "It's time for a sad announcement: Ambient is shutting its doors. It's been an amazing ride and we've produced some amazing products like Monster Meltdown and Death Inc. We're super proud of what we achieved, but ultimately we didn't manage to make enough money to keep the wolves from the door. And so we had to make the difficult decision that it is no longer feasible for Ambient to continue operating.

"Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement along the way, we've got no regrets and have loved every minute of it."

The team had recently been raising funds for Death Inc. via a paid alpha, after the game missed out on a Kickstarter campaign total despite gaining a good deal of media traction. In addition to announcing the studio closure, the website also confirms that anyone who contributed to the paid alpha will be receiving refunds.

"Obviously we cannot deliver on the commitments we made in the various Death Inc. alpha tiers. If you're one of the alpha backers, don't worry - we will be issuing full refunds so you will not be in any way out of pocket."

The decision seems like a sudden one - just a week ago the team was updating the blog with news on Death Inc.'s development.

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Russell Watson Senior Designer, Born Ready Games9 years ago
Sad news, wish all the people at Ambient the best of luck. Death Inc looked great, criminal a deal didn't come through.
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Bummer, a great team and Death Inc's a great idea. Best of luck to the lads.
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Paul Johnson Managing Director / Lead code monkey, Rubicon Development9 years ago
And kudos to sitting there giving back money you already have. That's gotta hurt and I'd be tempted to write it off tbh.
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Pete Leonard , Amiqus9 years ago
Maybe timing hasn't worked on this - it's really sad it hasn;t come through BUT.....Death Inc does sound like the kind of game that could have an impact. I hope they keep the idea alive at least and look to re-establish work on it in some form or capacity in the future.

Because it does stand out and is the kind of app that you expect to get talked about, featured by Apple, etc. I think part of this is down to Kickstarter in that it is a great idea and i love the intimate relationship it builds with developers, but only teh really established industry 'stars' seem to get the most out of it - there's a lot of stuff on there now and although I liked Death Inc I didn;t back it just because I'm overwhelmed by potential games I am interested in and would want to play.

Good luck ambient - please keep the idea alive - it may not have worked now but really could in the future.
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