Game Developer magazine ceasing publication

UBM Tech getting out of print game entirely, says layoffs total less than 10% of work force

Game Developer magazine is shutting down its print operations with the June/July issue, as announced today on sister site Gamasutra.

The operation's digital future is fuzzy as well. UBM Tech will open a new "Game Developer on Gamasutra" section of the site, where it will re-run content from the magazine. As for original stories, the outfit "hope[s] to continue publishing new Game Developer-centric content from some of our regular contributors."

The move comes as a result of a larger shift on the part of parent company UBM Tech. The company today announced that it is investing in "a community-driven business model underpinned by deep analytics illustrating community interests and behaviors." As part of that investment, "certain legacy areas of the business that no longer resonate with the market or meet the needs of the communities will be eliminated."

That shift means no more UBM Tech print publications as of July 1. Additionally, the company is killing its Test and Measurement World and Advanced Trading brands, and shuttering four of its non-gaming conferences and events.

A UBM Tech representative told GamesIndustry International that the associated layoffs account for less than 10 percent of the company's total workforce. The job cuts in the company's gaming business weren't limited to Game Developer; Gamasutra news editor Frank Cifaldi posted on Twitter that his position was also eliminated in the same round of restructuring.

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Matt Hackett Game Developer, Lost Decade Games9 years ago
Really sorry to see this magazine go. I know I'm a dinosaur by today's standards, but I love me a good magazine :(
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I figured since it was 75% ads it would be around forever - this is the last magazine subscription it looks like i will hold :(
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