Sega Studios Australia to be shut down

Medieval II developer is not long for this world

Sega has confirmed to Kotaku that Sega Studios Australia will be closing down "later this year". The studio was formerly called Creative Assembly Australia, but the Brisbane-based studio was renamed in the summer of 2011.

Under the Creative Assembly name, the studio was previously known for Medieval II: Total War and Stormrise, but after the name change it developed the official London 2012 video game.

GamesIndustry International hopes those affected by the impending studio closure find new employment soon.

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Andrew Paul Senior Programmer, SEGA Europe7 years ago
sorry to hear this. Good luck to all those affected.
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Steve Wang COO, bigworld7 years ago
BigWorld in Sydney are looking for developers for anyone interested.
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John Chalkley Talent Acquisition Lead 7 years ago
More than happy to speak to anyone interested in working at Jagex Games Studio here in the UK. Contact me via
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Dean Hulton Founder & Creative Director, BlueBlaze Studio7 years ago
I hate studio closures, It always sucks to hear that talented people are out of work.

Our first title is about to go into development at BlueBlaze Studio, a small Indie start up in the UK. If any of you guys that are affected by the closure fancy a complete change of scenery I would be happy to hear from you.

Edited 3 times. Last edit by Dean Hulton on 9th April 2013 10:40pm

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