Epic showcases brand-new UE4 demo, plus Elemental on PS4

GDC 2013: Extensive 'Infiltrator' video shown in real-time alongside toolset demo

Epic has premièred a lavish new video to showcase its Unreal Engine 4 technology at GDC this week - showing the 'Infiltrator' demo running in real time on PC and the previous 'Elemental' video - which features a stone creature emerging from an erupting volcano - running on PS4 dev-kit hardware.

The Infiltrator video, embedded below, exhibits the rendering and lighting power of the new engine with characteristic Epic bombast, but press were also shown an extensive demonstration of the new tools which operate behind the scenes and power the sort of visual fidelity shown in both 'Elemental' and 'Infiltrator'.

A key focus of those tools is ease of use, with a modular system enabling the fine tuning of high-end effects and processes in real-time without ever leaving the executable. Epic's Mark Rein was on hand to explain that he expects to see them applied across the spectrum of gaming hardware.

"Unreal 4 is architecture powered PC and console gaming and scales all the way from high-end next generation console down through PC developed titles for mobile and the web. It's written in C++ which is not only the de-facto language of AAA game development, but the de-facto language of programming. All the major applications and operating systems themselves are written in C++. It's the language that more people know than any other.

"It's designed to help developers achieve maximum productivity - that's the whole reason we built it. It's built to fit teams of all sizes: from a few people to hundreds of people. It's equipped to support all genres and all business models."

The full 'Infiltrator' video.

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Latest comments (6)

Andrew Jakobs Lead Programmer 6 years ago
"but the de-facto language of programming"

I'm sorry but that's utter bullcrap... wow, with that one sentence he has my high estime for him just turned to an resentment..
Hmm.. I'm wondering why more and more people are jumping the epic ship..
C++ is a much used language yes, but it f-ing definitly isn't the de-factor language of programming...

Also having seen too many epic unreal demo's in the past showing off their engines, but never have I ever seen that quality ever used in any games for that engine.. So having seen this demo I'm definitly wondering if it's all just running on on GTX680, I'm personally thinking it's not, or it has a lot of baked stuff in it which isn't realtime..
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Kirill Kozyrev 2D/3D Artist 6 years ago
UE3 has ability to render superquality video frame by frame, pretty much like your typical CG. After watching this demo I had feeling, that it was rendered exactly same way.
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Saehoon Lee Founder & CEO, Pixellore6 years ago
Holy.. cra..Did I just see dev cost shooting up to $$$? It is not a question of tech can actually do what was shown in the video, but how do you afford to make contents like that within realistic budget.
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Adam Campbell Game Manager, Azoomee6 years ago
I'm sorry but that's utter bullcrap... wow, with that one sentence he has my high estime for him just turned to an resentment..
That seems a bit harsh. I think he was trying to express the idea that its the most commonly used native language in console/PC game programming, which I believe it is. Not necessarily "the best", the most "sophisticated", "easiest" or any other word you can insert.
but how do you afford to make contents like that within realistic budget.
Luckily, middle-ware is there to solve part of the problem. The rest is more complex but there are also potential solutions there too...
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robert troughton Managing Director, Coconut Lizard6 years ago
Let me jump in to defend the statements here ...

"wondering if it's all just running on on GTX680, I'm personally thinking it's not" ... the demo -is- running on a Geforce 680, we've had it running here. As with Epic's previous demos, what they're showing here isn't what you can do with an ultra-high-end PC, something with 3 Geforce Titans (such a PC would set you back £5000)... they're showing what's possible on a "regular" high-end PC, one which could easily be compared to the PS4's specs, for example.

"Did I just see dev cost shooting up to $$$?" ... with this, I can say that with Unreal Engine 4, everything that can be done to drive down cost of development is being done. For programmers, working with UE4 will be much, much easier - and compile times will be much lower. For artists, there should be faster iteration of assets and reduced workflow. For designers, less help will be needed to tweak values and prototype features as much of that can be done by non-programmers in-editor now. Every single feature of UE4 has been streamlined and optimised to make it easier and faster for developers to work with.

I've worked with many engines over the years, including Pitbull's own internal engine and editors, and I've not seen one as slick and powerful as UE4 before...

I'm obviously not an independent voice on this, Pitbull do work very closely with Epic, but I can honestly say that I've never felt this positive about any engine before. UE4 is going to make the next-gen transition much easier for a lot of development teams.
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Shawn Clapper Programmer 6 years ago
@Andrew Jakobs

I see C++ the de-facto programming because it is obviously the main de-facto language. Consider making a game in unity. The events run your "compiled" game is something like Unity -> .NET -> C++. Or a Flash game would be AS3 -> Flash Player -> C++. Or C# -> C++. Or Windows -> C++.

Everything is still made in C++ and it is still the primarily used language so I think de-facto is an apt term. Of course you could boil down to machine code, but the compiling of C++ into machine code is so standardized that people rarely go that far anymore. To make anything ever you need to code C++ at one point or another though.
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