UK retailer HMV slashes Wii U Premium to 199

Zombi U bundle sees 139 lopped off price

Beleaguered UK entertainment chain HMV has slashed the price of the 32GB Premium Wii U bundle with a copy of Ubisoft's Zombi U to just £199 ($300).

The move highlights the tribulations of a shrinking High Street business and the slow sales of Nintendo's latest home console.

A HMV spokesperson confirmed the deal to sister site today.

Amazon, supermarket Asda, GameStop and online retailer ShopTo are all selling the Premium console for £249.99 in the UK, knocking £50 off the standard price.

HMV is currently in the process of closing multiple stores across the UK.

Nintendo's Wii U console has launched into an environment where support for physical hardware has shrunk dramatically. New software for the game has been slow to release, with Wii U games rarely selling significantly to bother the charts.

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Adam Campbell Product Manager, Azoomee9 years ago
That's a nice price for a new console platform.

I think this is actually a lot closer to the 'sweet spot' and I'll be interested to see how much of an effect retailer price cuts have on the sales. Bearing in mind, this is all during a real software drought...
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 9 years ago
Best Buy in the US has a deal on the 8 gb W ii U model where they slashed $50 off the price. So now you can get the basic model for $250.
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Private Industry 9 years ago
I dont see the price as the big problem. I got one last year and the reason I regret to have bought it is down to the games. Many games that are out for it are not new and I played and finished them quite a while ago on other platforms and would never buy the games a second time for some touchscreen features.
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Sam Maxted Journalist / Community / Support 9 years ago
That's a fantastic price... but I have to say that I'm still not interested. There just isn't enough available for it that I can't already pick up for the Xbox / PS3 and it's really missing that 'killer app' at the moment.
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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd9 years ago
@ Werner Exactly. The price aside, why should anyone buy it until it has unique software out? I am a Wii U owner as well, and while I love the time I do spend with it, just as with my Vita, I'm simply out of things to play.
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Christophe Danguien games developer 9 years ago
Well, I don't think they slashed the price out of concern about selling the machines, they probably just did it to sell the over-load of stocks they retailers would slash the price that much just because of "slow sales of Nintendo's latest home console". Saying that is nonsense and unrealistic.

Again : "support for physical hardware has shrunk dramatically", that's not true, the digital market keeps growing but the physical support hasn't dramatically are still selling millions physically. Not likje 10 years ago, but that's pretty obvious
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