Bastion developer teases Transistor for PAX East

Supergiant Games shows off new world and new protagonist

Bastion developer Supergiant Games has announced its next game, the science fiction action RPG Transistor. The game features a new female protagonist, Red, as she defends herself with a rather large sword that some shadowy organization wants to retrieve. The game looks to be in the same isometric viewpoint as Bastion, but with a darker, more mature art style.

Like Bastion before it, Supergiant says it's "very fortunate" that Transistor is self-funded. This leaves the studio free to pursue directions like having a female lead, without fighting the uphill battle that games like Dontnod's Remember Me reportedly had to go through.

Transistor is planned for an early 2014 release, but Supergiant is mum on which platforms will see the game. According to the studio, Steam was "essential" to Bastion's success, so the game will most likely return to that platform.

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Andrew Watson Tools Programmer 8 years ago
That's a sword?
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Sam Brown Lead Audio Programmer, TT Games8 years ago
Proper JRPG sword there. Looks like Squall's jacket as well. :)

Incidentally take note of all the comments threads on other sites announcing this news. Just about everyone is looking forward to this game, lots of "shut up and take my money" going on, because they trust Supermassive. This is the trust that EA have squandered over the last year. It remains to be seen how much difference that will make when they announce a new game.

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