Sony Santa Monica removes offensive GoW achievement

"Bros Before Hos" becomes "Bros Before Foes"

Sony's Santa Monica studio, which produces the God of War series, has patched the name of an achievement in God of War: Ascension after it became clear that it had caused offence.

The achievement, which was apparently gained by crushing the skull of a female character underfoot, was originally termed "Bros Before Hos", but has since been changed to "Bros Before Foes".

In a statement to press, a representative of the studio explained the decision.

"We have created and will soon push out a patch for God of War: Ascension that alters the title of one of the game Trophies. The text was offensive to some members of our community and impacted their enjoyment of the game. We are endlessly committed to ensuring that our community can fully enjoy the experiences the team has created. As such, we've addressed the feedback and amended the Trophy in question."

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Latest comments (3)

Paul Jace Merchandiser 5 years ago
Dan that should be "trophy" in the title and following text. "Achievements" are the creation of Microsoft and are the 360's reward system. Unless you are just tipping your hat at Microsoft. Because without them creating achievements there would be no trophies on the PS3.

As for the trophy in question, I don't find it offensive and actually think it's a bit amusing. I suppose that might unfortuantely label me as an insensitive guy. Don't worry ladies, I still love and respect you:)
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Curt Sampson Sofware Developer 5 years ago
Actually, not knowing how it was achieved, I didn't find the name of the trophy offensive; I took it as a typical jokey trophy name. But when I found out how you get the trophy, I then felt that to be pretty offensive.

It could well have been just a joke that fell flat, rather than serious misogyny, but do the developers really have that poor a sense of humour?
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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers5 years ago
do the developers really have that poor a sense of humour?
I'm just theorizing here, but it could be that the developers of God of War (which is a very violent game with some sexual situations) just became inured to their own content. There is some irony of people taking offense at a trophy name given the content in the game, but context is key and I don't blame anyone who was offended by it. To put it another way, I wonder if there was a woman in the room when this trophy name decision was made...
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