Suda51 excited by PlayStation 4 possibilities

Says new consoles and future of cloud gaming makes him "horny"

Sony's PlayStation 4 events revealed that Goichi "Suda51" Suda's Grasshopper Manufacture would develop a title for the new machine, but now the industry figurehead has explained why the idea of the new console's features makes him "horny."

"I think that in the future, cloud delivery will become totally commonplace," he said in his Famitsu column, translated by Edge. He predicts that gamers will soon have an ID to allow them to play their games on any device from any location.

"We have to decide how to find our own victories and present games that express the Grasshopper world. And that makes me horny"

"That this play style will become a reality is futuristic enough. But in addition, cloud saving becoming standard practice is an evolution in itself. It will add new value and will surely result in new ways to play."

"Thinking about the future of this stuff and then constructing and outputting something appealing is our job as game designers, and from that challenge we can take new strength. And that makes me horny."

Suda51 is best known for his innovative and often surreal games like Killer 7, No More Heroes and Shadows Of The Damned.

"As has been announced, Grasshopper Manufacture will make games for PS4, as will (parent company) GungHo Online Entertainment and (sister company) Acquire. I can't go into detail at this stage, but for sure the new challenge is exciting," he added.

"During PlayStation Meeting 2013, Sony showed such a strong vision. Now we have to decide how to find our own victories within that and present games that express the Grasshopper world. And that makes me horny again."

Sony is expected to reveal more details about the new PlayStation 4 at E3 in June.

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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 6 years ago
I'd have to say that only Suda could get away with saying this and not get into trouble. The possibilities of he and Grasshopper being able to knock more cool ideas out of the park makes me... er, smile a lot.
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 6 years ago
You know, female midgets in tight shorts make me horny. But you don't see me broadcasting it to the entire world.....oh shi.......
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