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8th July 2021

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Journey art director launches new studio

Matt Nava's Giant Squid surfaces in Santa Monica

Matt Nava, formerly the art director for thatgamecompany, has launched a new studio called Giant Squid.

He's teamed up with composer Austin Wintory, who created the music for thatgamecompany's Journey, and Flow game designer Nicholas Clark, who will act as advisor to the new start up.

"We plan to create innovative and deeply moving games that will inspire players, challenge convention, and push the boundaries of experiential and narrative interactive entertainment into new and unexpected areas."

The new company, based in Santa Monica, is currently at work on its first project and hiring for a number of positions, with ideal candidates loving Lego and the film Hackers.

Nava joined thatgamecompany on August 2008 where, as well as Journey, he was art director on Flower. He also authored and designed the book The Art Of Journey, and spent some time at the end of last year teaching Maya to digital media art students.

Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry

8th July 2021

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Latest comments (3)

Luc Assistant Tools Programmer, Splash Damage8 years ago
I always knew that Hackers was really a good film.

On a side note, this'll be a studio to watch in the coming months :)
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Paul Gheran Scrum Master 8 years ago
Journey was beautiful! The art was perfectly appropriate. I hope you are able to maintain that ability to capture and enhance design vision as magnificently in your future projects.

All the best to Giant Squid! Can't wait to see the next stuff.
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Paul Andrew McGee Game Designer 8 years ago
Exciting! Best of luck guys.
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