Tecmo Koei Canada shuts down

Tecmo Koei moves to close its Toronto studio

Tecmo Koei will be closing Canadian subsidiary Tecmo Koei Canada at the end of Match, according to a report by the Financial Post. The Toronto-based studio was primarily focused on developing mobile and portable titles, including Samurai Cats and My Monster Rancher.

"It was definitely an interesting experience at Tecmo Koei Canada," former Tecmo Koei employee Harold Li told the Financial Post. "We had a ton of talented people who put in their best efforts, and it's unfortunate that things didn't go as well as it could."

The studio was founded in 2001 as Koei Canada, but did not release its first in-house title until 2005's launch of Fatal Inertia. The studio also led development on Warriors: Legends of Troy, released in 2011.

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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 8 years ago
Bored of Corrections: Change "Match" to March, please and we're golden.

I hope the team there lands on its feet elsewhere and soon, as there's some talent to spare in that studio. Warriors of Troy was a really cool surprise, as it took the Dynasty Warriors formula, added blood and gore, levels that had a number of different goals and a pretty interesting combat system that took time and a few attempts to master. It wasn't "perfect", but one of those games where you ended up appreciating the work that went into it and the developer doing something different with the Musou engine.
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