Future launching UK's Official Pokémon Magazine

Publisher partners with Japanese entertainment brand

Future Publishing, known for its range of games publications, will launch an Official Pokémon Magazine in the UK later this month.

"We're delighted to be collaborating with leading publisher, Future," said The Pokémon Company International's Heather Dalgleish.

"Their extensive reach in the market ensures that the Official Pokémon Magazine can be enjoyed by Pokémon fans across the United Kingdom."

Heading up the project as editor in chief will be Chandra Nair, who also oversees Official Nintendo Magazine.

"It is absolutely fantastic for Future to partner with an international brand as renowned as Pokémon and to be provided with the opportunity to bring the official magazine to the UK market," added Future's Lee Nutter.

"Pokémon has never been bigger and more relevant than it is today and the magazine will serve as the voice for its UK audience."

The official magazine will see 13 issues a year, and follow the Future tradition of supplying a free gift with each edition.

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sounds like exciting news!
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