Mythic shutting Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

Free-to-play title did not meet financial goals

Mythic Entertainment is shutting down its free-to-play area game Warhammer Online: Wrath Of Heroes, and has explained "the project could not meet its financial goals to be sustained."

The online game will end on March 29, and yesterday Mythic stopped sales of the gems that serve as currency in the game. It will not be refunding any gems sold before that date. Selected players will be offered a promotional code for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

"As a producer for this game from the start, I am proud of the hard work and effort that made the game possible and I feel sad that it is not able to carry on," said James Casey.

"I think we created something special and I would not trade the time creating it or playing it (on all those Friday Fight Fests and anonymously almost every day) for anything."

The game was first revealed at Gamescom 2011 by EA and Mythic (then known as Bioware Mythic) and entered open beta last April.

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T. Elliot Cannon Game Designer 9 years ago
Most of the die hard Warhammer Online PvP players were not into the Wrath of Heroes thing because it seemed like a WoW arena game which has less long term "war" flair/meaning/vibe. That is one of the elements that makes the Warhammer Online PvP experience so powerful-more so than GW2. I can only speculate it was an experiment to see if such a format (preset heroic characters as opposed to your developed character) would be fun for team deathmatch in a casual way.

Let's hope that Warhammer Online AoR does not follow suit, which myself and many other hardcore PvP players still play.

The best thing that could happen to that title is someone flat out buy it off EA and give it the proper attention/investment it deserves (graphical upgrade, new Nav mesh system, new classes, integration of NB, WSCT etc) It's tough on the fellas over there who have to two-time between working on fun things for Warhammer in between Ultima Online. Both of which, if given a solid reboot,. could reach a much larger audience. The core ideas behind both those games are timeless.
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