EA, Microsoft, and Zynga oppose Defense of Marriage Act

275 companies sign an amicus brief supporting gay marriage

EA, Microsoft, Zynga, and more than 270 other companies have stood in opposition of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) by signing an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to repeal the law. DOMA defines marriage as between one man and one woman, leaving out of all homosexual couples. Other tangentially game-related companies who signed the brief include Intel, Facebook, Google, Apple, Qualcomm, and the Walt Disney Company.

"Although marriages are celebrated and recognized under state law, DOMA, a federal law withholding marital benefits from some lawful marriages but not others, requires that employers treat one employee differently from another, when each is married, and each marriage is equally lawful. DOMA thus impairs employer/employee relations and other business interests," reads the brief.

This is the second brief signed by most of the aforementioned companies and it differs slightly from the first signed on July 10, 2012.

"This brief is similar in nature of course, but supports a different Supreme Court case, this one being United States vs. Windsor. Both have the same implication--that DOMA presents an issue for employers by forcing them to put married employees in two categories which creates regulatory, tax, benefits and morale problems for employers," EA corporate communications representative Sandy Goldberg told GameSpot.

GamesIndustry International previously spoke to executives from EA and Zynga for their thoughts on DOMA and its possible repeal. At the time, Zynga general counsel Reggie Davis called LGBT equality "the civil rights issue of our time."

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Ben Furneaux Principal Designer 5 years ago
This is really great news. Good to see EA, Zynga, Intel, Facebook, Google, Apple, Qualcomm, Disney taking a stand.
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gi biz ;, 5 years ago
Yet Walt Disney gets its share of hate from women for how they teach young girls that life is all about finding some rich dude. Most Disney movies are about a beautiful girl and a prince that falls in love with them for no apparent reason. I guess this means we will soon see Disney movies with homosexual princesses, eh...
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Rob Jessop R&D Programmer, Crytek5 years ago
This is definitely a step in the right direction.
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Charlie Cleveland Game Director/Founder, Unknown Worlds5 years ago
If I could add Unknown Worlds Entertainment (Natural Selection 2) to the list, I would.
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 5 years ago
It's good to see Microsoft supporting this but where is Sony and Nintendo's names? Don't those two have any love for the LGBT community?
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Joseph Harvey Department head, Firelight Technologies5 years ago
@Paul The Defence of Marriage Act is part of American law, and is therefore presumably less interesting to Japanese companies than American ones. Not to say that they aren't affected by it - both the companies you mentioned have an international presence - but they may have other concerns that prevent them from rallying to this cause.
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