Unity co-founder quits to make games

"I have games I want, no need, to make," says Nicholas Francis

Nicholas Francis, co-founder of Unity, has left the company to make his own games.

Writing on the official blog, Francis said he'd come to the realisation that after years of supporting the tech behind the firm's engine, it was time for him to finally get creative with his own projects.

"I will be leaving Unity in order to join your ranks and dedicate myself to creating games," he wrote. "This has not been an easy choice - in fact, it has been one of the hardest ones in my life.

"Over the years it has been amazing to watch Unity getting better and better at such a crazy speed. Lately I have been incredibly inspired by what you guys have been creating and have been experimenting more and more with my own ideas. It's made me realize that I have games I want, no need, to make.

"As great as it has been building Unity, I have come to feel that actually using it is what really scratches my itch. On days where I can just get into the zone and fidget around with some shaders, gamecode, a custom editor tool or whatnot, I feel really fulfilled. And at the end of the day, that's what it boils down to."

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Peter Dwyer Games Designer/Developer 5 years ago
Yes I have to agree. If you are not working at doing what you love then you really have to fight through a day! I'm glad I learned this early as I have seen so many people trapped by the day job salary and simply getting by. Don't get me wrong though. If you are an Indie, then you may need the day job to support your games making. If you are lucky that day job is in some kind of games company.

Crucially you should be working towards freedom and, as soon as you have a steady enough income from your games, getting the hell out of dodge. Don't call your new town boot hill though...yea you don't want to do that....
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