EA and Zynga settle copyright infringement lawsuit

Details of the settlement were not made available, but both companies confirmed the news today

Last summer, Electronic Arts took to the courts to pursue Zynga for alleged copyright infringement. The publisher accused Zynga of essentially cloning major aspects of The Sims Social with its The Ville game. EA's Peter Moore said at the time that EA was "standing up for the industry" by battling Zynga, which quickly filed a counterclaim calling EA "desperate." Now, about six months later, the case has been settled.

Both EA and Zynga separately confirmed with GamesIndustry International that the two companies "resolved their respective claims and have reached a settlement of their litigation in the Northern District of California."

Details of the settlement are not available, and the court still has to officially approve the deal. At the time of the lawsuit filing, EA was losing a number of key employees to Zynga (and it was alleged that they were providing Zynga with trade secrets), but the social space changed enormously in the months ahead, leading to EA's no longer seeing it as a growth sector for its business. Zynga subsequently underwent its own employee exodus while its stock plummeted. At this point, a settlement was likely in Zynga's best interests.

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Hugo Trepanier Game Designer, Behaviour Interactive5 years ago
@Michael, why delete your comment, did you get a slap from your employer's lawyer here? :) Seriously I'd really like to know what Zynga or EA employees in the know have to say about this, though I guess it's highly unlikely anyone will speak publicly on the matter.

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Paul Jace Merchandiser 5 years ago
@Hugo--Alot of times in cases like this there are court mandated gag orders that strictly prohibit any of the involved parties from disclosing specific(or any) details of the case. These can be for a limited amount of time or indefinitely and failure to comply with that order would result in exactly what you alluded to: needing your lawyer. So even if Michael or other members involved in this case WANTED to talk about it they may not be legally allowed to.
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Michael Bennett Jack of all trades, master of some. 5 years ago
There was no slapping, I self censored because I thought my comment sounded a bit pretentious :)

I have absolutely no more knowledge of this lawsuit other than what is said in this article. Basically, I worked on The Sims Social at EA, and now I work for Zynga. I like both companies, and though I now work for Zynga I enjoyed my time at EA and think highly of them. I'm glad this particular issue is now resolved :)
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