Apple loses iPhone trademark in Brazil

Regulators rule in favour of local company that registered the name in 2000

Apple's plans to crack the growing market for consumer electronics in Brazil are now in doubt, after regulators ruled that a local company already owns the iPhone trademark.

Inpi, the organisation responsible for granting trademarks in Brazil, ruled in favour of Gradiente Electronica, which registered the iPhone name in 2000 - seven years before Apple launched its device. Gradiente has been selling a product under the iPhone name since December last year.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Marcelo Chimento, a spokesman for Inpi, said that Apple can sell iPhone branded products in the country, just as long as they aren't smartphones.

Apple will be able to contest the ruling in Brazilian courts, and while the process will be costly, failure would give Android a significant advantage in one of the world's most valuable emerging markets.

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Vinicius De Nadai Andrade Technology Business Analyst 5 years ago
Apple never had the Trademark in Brazil, so they didn't lost anything.

If Gradiente registered in 2000, what Apple can do is to reach an agreement. The system of registering brands works in The same way all around the world, who does it first, get it.

But the Brazilian government can not allow Gradiente to create confusion between both products.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Vinicius De Nadai Andrade on 19th February 2013 8:39am

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