HMV closing every store in Ireland at cost of 300 jobs

Retailer pulls 16 shop presence after search for buyer fails

HMV is to close all of its 16 stores in the Republic of Ireland at the cost of 300 jobs after a search for a buyer has proven unsuccessful.

The retailer issued a brief statement regarding the closures to the Irish Examiner.

"Since his appointment, the receiver has conducted an assessment of the viability of the company and has actively sought a sale," it reads.

"The marketplace is very difficult given competition from web-based retailers and digital downloads, compounded by a number of other factors including high levels of rent.

"All stores were loss making and it was not possible to attract a purchaser."

The stores had been shuttered and staff put on temporary lay-off following the chain entering administration earlier this year, with administrators Deloitte looking for purchasers. Sadly for those involved, it looks like that search has failed.

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Private Industry 9 years ago
Well they where closed since a while. I didnt really expect them to open again. Its a shame for all the people who lost jobs. Its also difficult now to get a wide variety of movies to buy since there isnt really any other retail that has a big sortiment of DVD and Blu Ray movies in Ireland.
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Mario Tommadich Software QA Analyst, Indie Game Developer 9 years ago
No wonder. Their service sucked. Getting to speak with a customer service rep in their shops was like playing tag. Seriously, I gave up on buying in store after driving there multiple times, because I had to spend too much time chasing after a sales person. It's hopefully making room for a fresh competitor that won't collapse under it's own weight.

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Gary Jacob Localisation Project Manager, Keywords International9 years ago
@Werner: Tower Records, Lazer, various indi/2nd hand stores...
at least there's a few in Dublin

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