Lace Mamba Global's European MD resigns

Following accusations of non-payment by developers, Jason Codd stands down

Following accusations from developers over its business practices, UK publisher Lace Mamba Global's European MD Jason Codd has resigned.

"Lace Mamba Global would like to publicly apologise to any developers who have been affected by any lack of response to issues arising from past contractual obligations that may not have been fully met," said CEO Adam Lacey in a statement.

"After several weeks of internal investigations it has become clear that the company's procedures have not been to the high standards we set ourselves as a company. We have now put a new management structure and team in place to ensure our communication and relationship with developers is more open and transparent."

The company made it clear Codd would have no further involvement in the business, and that it was in the process of contacting developers that had faced any recent issues. So with any luck Amanita, Brawsome and CBE Software, all developers who have struggled to claim money owed from the Brighton based company, should get some answers soon.

"Lace Mamba Global will act as quickly as possible to move forward and resolve developer issues," continued Lacey.

"We are in the process of contacting each of the developers that require our undivided attention and with their co-operation and patience I am confident that we will be able to resolve their issues to their complete satisfaction."

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Andrew Goulding Director, Brawsome8 years ago
Whoa! Jason was who I was dealing with, pretty much exclusively at Lace Mamba. I'm looking forward to hearing from them. Maybe I'll even get paid after all this time? That would be pretty awesome =0).
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