Borderlands 2 set to be the best-selling title in 2K's history

Strong demand pushes Gearbox sequel to 6 million sales, DLC drives digital growth for Take-Two

Gearbox Software's Borderlands 2 is on track to become the highest-selling release in the history of the 2K Games label.

During a call with investors, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick revealed that Borderlands 2 has sold almost 6 million units since it launched last year, making it one of the publisher's key long-term IPs.

"Borderlands 2 continues to expand its audience and remains on pace to become the highest selling title in 2K's history," Zelnick said. "It has also been the largest contributor to our digitally delivered revenue this year, driven both by strong sales of full-game downloads and high attach rates for the titles out on content, especially the Borderlands 2 season pass."

Take-Two's digital revenue in the third fiscal quarter was up 244 per cent year-on-year, accounting for 23 per cent of the company's total revenue. Borderlands was the most significant contributor to that growth, and Zelnick emphasised Take-Two's commitment to expanding its digital business on all fronts.

"Does that mean that these games will transition into a situation where you are constantly putting out new episodes and that bridges you from release to release? We don't see the business shaping up that way, but it does mean that the life cycle is extended greatly and we'll continue to experiment with what this means creatively for consumers," he said.

"I also think as you see tablets roll out and become the more and more important game platform that episodic treatment of games may become much more relevant for tablets given the perceived price point limitations for a tablet."

Take-Two is currently developing new online opportunities in Asian markets. NBA 2K Live launched on the Tencent portal in China in October last year. Speaking to investors, Take-Two COO Karl Slatoff claimed that the game is "building momentum" in the region, giving the company renewed confidence in its plans for further launches in Taiwan and the Philippines.

Other online projects in development for Asian territories include Pro Baseball 2K and Civilization Online.

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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 5 years ago
At least we know we will see a third game, which Im glad for!
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James Prendergast Research Chemist 5 years ago
"Borderlands 2 continues to expand its audience and remains on pace to become the highest selling title in 2K's history," Zelnick said.


Wikipedia article for GTAIV:
As of 2012 the game has sold over 25 million copies. Released 2008.


So, GTA 4 sold an estimated 6 million units in its first week... but Borderlands 2 sold around 6 million units in its first year* and is "on pace" to become the highest selling title in 2k's history?

Are they artificially segmenting 2K from Take-Two interactive despite the former being wholly owned by the latter?

* Sorry, that should have been 4-5 months. Still, my point stands.

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Jeff Wayne Technical Architect 5 years ago
Love the game - delighted for their success.
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Andreia Quinta Photographer, Studio52 London5 years ago
I loved playing the new (and improved) Siren, and the Mechromancer is amazing to play as well. Anxiously awaiting Borderlands 3!
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Morville O'Driscoll Blogger & Critic 5 years ago
Mmmm... I do love my Siren. The only thing I would say that's bad about BL2 is that it's definitely something that benefits from co-op play, with the single-player campaign being a bit tiring after awhile. Hopefully they can make the single-player more varied for 3, though I'm not sure how they could do that and retain the spirit of the game.

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