Sine Mora's Reiker starts new studio

Prior Games planning a "Japanese-Hungarian co-development" codenamed Project Verona

Theodore Reiker, formerly Digital Reality's creative director, has launched Prior Games. The studio will begin by focusing on mobile and tablet, and will be staffed by a mix of ex-Digital Reality staff and new hires.

"Our plan is to release four microgames this year and a second wave of three titles next year," Reiker told Joystiq.

"We are a small company and we do not want to grow beyond 15 persons. We would like to keep the 'manufacture' feeling even if the company size is limiting the scope of our output."

It's also planning a "Japanese-Hungarian co-development" codenamed Project Verona for next year which will be "more conservative in its gameplay and less ambiguous in its storytelling" then Digital Reality's hit Sine Mora.

Reiker left Digital Reality in 2011 to found Prior Games.

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Massimo Guarini Founding Director and CEO, Ovosonico5 years ago
Great news. Good luck Theodore!
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Roberto Bruno Curious Person 5 years ago
Hey, I liked Sine Mora a lot, I'm excited about what these people are going to do nex-
"Focusing on mobile and tablet".
Oh, well. Nevermind.
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