Lace Mamba responds to CBE Software accusations

J.U.L.I.A. dev says publisher withheld payments, Lace Mamba Global disagrees

Brighton based Lace Mamba Global has responded to accusations by developer CBE Software that it breached publishing agreements for J.U.L.I.A. and J.U.L.I.A. Untold.

"This press release contained a number of inaccuracies and false statements that we had only become aware of via the release of this statement," said Lace Mamba.

"Lace Mamba Global would like to state that they have tried to contact CBE Software to resolve this issue amicably but have yet been successful in raising a response."

CBE stated that Lace Mamba Global had "neither delivered royalty reports nor paid any of the money mutually agreed upon in the said publishing agreement for the period of 10 months. Two official letters were sent with an attempt to settle the situation peacefully. Neither of them however has triggered any kind of response."

CBE software director Jan Kavan added to the press release, with his own angry perspective on the situation.

"When well-known publisher, whom we have trusted so much, behaved like that, it was an extremely demotivating experience for us. Moreover we've handed them both games as finished products so there was not any risk involved for them. Such nefarious behaviour had an absolutely destructive impact on our small independent studio."

GamesIndustry International tried to contact Lace Mamba last week to clarify the situation, and it responded it was not aware of the cancellation. It seems it has now seen the CBE press release, but its latest statement suggest it plans to resolve the issue in private.

"Out of respect for confidentiality to those parties involved we do not wish to publicly comment further at this time on individual matters relating to this or any other issue raised by either this press release or subsequent comments."

Lace Mamba Global was founded in 2008 and publishes and distributes a number of titles including Gray Matter, Machinarium and Edna & Harvey - The Breakout.

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Peter Paninar Artist 9 years ago
Amanita (the makers of Machinarium) said on their twitter that they have the same problems with lace mambe regarding boxed version of Machinarium.

"@Amanita_Design: I've just read this sad articla about UK publisher Lace Mamba and must say that we have the exact same experience...."
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Andrew Goulding Director, Brawsome9 years ago
I had the exact same experience as well with Jolly Rover. I terminated my agreement with them after several months of "the cheque's in the mail." I'm still owed thousands, which I haven't chased because it's not enough to get lawyers involved over.

I just got fed up with the stress of chasing them. I wonder if they expected that? I was told that's how it is in retail.
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