Nintendo the big winner on Japanese charts

Owns the top three for hardware and software

Media Create has stopped tracking sales of the PlayStation 2, but Japanese consumers didn't seem that bothered about it anyway, instead concentrating their cash on Nintendo hardware.

The 3DS XL, 3DS and Wii U dominated the top three on the hardware sales chart, despite Wii U seeing a slight drop in sales on last week.

  1. 3DS XL - 156,184 (Last week 150,581)
  2. 3DS - 123,075 (99,264)
  3. Wii U - 67,083 (69,386)
  4. PlayStation 3 - 64,352 (53,222)
  5. PSP - 54,873 (41,914)
  6. PlayStation Vita - 33,309 (20,492)
  7. Wii - 5,632 (6,741)
  8. Xbox 360 - 1,893 (1,986)

In software it was a similar story, with the entire top five made up of games for Nintendo machines, and four of them published by Nintendo itself. In fact, 17 of the top 20 were titles for a Nintendo device.

  1. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 133,134
  2. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2 - 90,264
  3. [3DS] Paper Mario: Sticker Star - 68,262
  4. [3DS] Inazuma Eleven Go 2: Chrono Stone Reimei / Neppuu - 51,519
  5. [Wii U] New Super Mario Bros. U - 50,319

Charts via Gematsu.

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Latest comments (10)

Daniel Hughes Studying PhD Literary Modernism, Bangor University7 years ago
Such domination won't be recreated outside of Japan, but with it becoming increasingly apparent Nintendo have the Japanese console market wrapped up, they really need to take a closer look at North America, and more importantly, Europe. They've said numerous times they want to boost Western sales of 3DS, and I'm sure Pokemon in October will help, but more needs to be done and sooner, because I expect before long, they'll be looking to boost Western sales of the Wii U.
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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd7 years ago
@ Daniel Definitely, but software is always the #1 issue for selling any system. People like to credit the 3DS's current improved performance on the price drop, but historically price drops are an extremely temporary boost, and the long term gains by them (even large ones) are rarely more than 10% increased sales.

What really helped the 3DS was Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, Resident Evil, Kid Icarus, Monster Hunter (in Japan), etc. etc. Software sells hardware, and that has always been the case.

This is of course the Wii U's current issue as well. While it has a good launch lineup for a console, the headlining game is New Super Mario Bros. U. That is the best NSMB game, but it's also the FOURTH NSMB game, which is a tough sell to new buyers. More unique and rare software will be a much bigger draw for the platform, and if they can get something like a Metroid, Zelda, or 3D Mario out in the next 10 months and a pre-Christmas $50 price drop they'll be cooking for the 2013 holidays, even against a new Microsoft platform (you won't see a new PlayStation until 2014 I bet).
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Paul Johnson Managing Director / Lead code monkey, Rubicon Development7 years ago
And in other news: "Sky still blue, shocker". :)
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 7 years ago
You are correct Paul. This is just as normal as Microsoft dominating the US hardware and software sales, although most of those software sales are third party games also available on other platforms.
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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 7 years ago
Vita = Virtual Boy
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People have short memories. Two years ago the 3ds was struggling and the psp ruled Japan. I'm not sure what triggered it but the big franchises have either dropped Sony platforms or no longer the franchises they used to mobile being an example.

These figures don't make any sense to me. Hardware sales increasing after Christmas? Psv at 33k is a huge figure given no releases. Was there a big sale on or something?
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.7 years ago
Michael, Japan celebrates New Years like most of the west celebrate Christmas. So the last week of the year is often their biggest.
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Farhang Namdar Lead Game Designer Larian Studios 7 years ago
Michael the PSP never ruled anything it was always consistently a DS on top throughout the years.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.7 years ago
Farhang, the PSP did have a year in Japan on top recently.
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Daniel Hughes Studying PhD Literary Modernism, Bangor University7 years ago
Nicholas, I think you are absolutely right: software sells systems.

But I do think Nintendo's rigid pricing, particularly in Europe, needs to change. Nintendo haven't done enough to acknowledge how far perceptions of value have changed, and charging 30 to 40 for every handheld retail release is out of touch. I'm not saying they need to cut the maximum price they charge for software, but they do need to bring in some flexibility, as they seemed keen to do in 2006, when titles like Brain Training appeared new for 15 or 20. That kind of flexible approach will help Nintendo to shift more software on 3DS, so long as they have a continued, consistent release schedule, which is more important than anything else.
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