Ouya development competition offers $20K grand prize

10 Day Create event hopes to boost creative catalogue for 99 device

The creators of the Android-powered mini-console the Ouya are holding a ten day game jam event in collaboration with Killscreen, offering a $20,000 main prize.

Running from January 14 to January 23, the event will be accepting both complete and partial submissions, with a $5,000 bonus for the winner if they go on to release the game commercially for the Ouya.

Teams from around the world are invited to take part, accompanying game submissions with Youtube videos showcasing their work to assist judging. Participants are also encouraged to launch Kickstarter campaigns for projects requiring extra funding as "Kickstarter enabled both Ouya and Kill Screen to exist."

Judges for the contest include Phil Fish, Felicia Day, Adam Saltsman and Ed Fries. More details on the competition are available from Killscreen.

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Latest comments (4)

Andrew Watson Tools Programmer 5 years ago
"Please make us some games for free, nobody else wants to!"
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Selcuk Bor CEO & Founder, Symphony of Specters5 years ago
What a silly and narrow minded statement Andrew. Of course this contest holds the goal of getting more content developed on the system with the hopes that it will entice more people to buy the system. By injecting some money into the ecosystem they are trying to make it more attractive, which in turn creates a bigger ecosystem, which attracts more developers, and so on and so forth.
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Dave Wolfe Game Developer, Cosmic Games5 years ago
@Andrew I don't think nobody wants to make games for the Ouya, judging by the kickstarter success and the fact that they sold out of the early developer kit tier and had to open a second one due to the overwhelming demand. These kinds of developer contests are nothing new, Google does it, RIM does it, Microsoft does it.
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Craig Page El Presidente, Awesome Enterprises5 years ago
Hmmmm, I am a sucker for contests... and if Phil Fish is a judge I might have a chance if I call my entry "PCS ARE FOR SPREADSHEETS!!!!!!!!!!!".
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