Elite: Dangerous clears Kickstarter goal

Frontier Developments on track for project

Cambridge's Frontier Developments has surpassed the 1,250,000 target for its Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter campaign, hitting funding goals with two days to spare.

The campaign appeal site has yet to be updates since the target was reached, but last night staff were confident that the company would hit its targets. With the funding total now over 25,000 in excess of that goal, success is virtually guaranteed.

The team is still urging potential customers to pledge in order to hit stretch goals such as extra playable ships and a swift port to Mac OS, but the project should see a definite commercial release thanks to the campaign.

Frontier and its head David Braben have been under pressure from fans for some years to create a fourth game in the much loved Elite series, which first debuted in 1984 on the Acorn Electron. Completion of the game is scheduled for March 2014.

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Seriously hope this is much more like the original Elite than any of the Frontier games...!
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Justin Biddle Software Developer 5 years ago
Maybe my memory fails me but the core gameplay was identical on all three games wasn't it?
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Yes, though the Electron version was seriously cut down.
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