World of Tanks ends year with 45 million players

Strong 2012 for company looking to further dominate in 2013's World of Tanks finished 2012 with more than 45 million registered players and has set a new record for simultaneous users - 600,000 on one Russian server.

The game has seen eight updates during the year, and entered the e-sports arena at the WCG 2012 Grand Finals in China.

“Wargaming has demonstrated sustainable growth and solid performance during 2012, mainly due to the success of our headliner - World of Tanks,” said Andrei Yarantsau, VP of Global Operations.

“The tremendous success of World of Tanks has showcased that the company has developed a strong and reliable technological platform with an incredible amount of remaining potential. The result is that we'll keep being able to provide top-notch online services and regular high quality content and updates.”

Its next title, World of Warplanes, is in closed beta, while the team also works on World of Warships. All three games will eventually be tied together under one platform with a common economic system.

Wargaming has over 1300 staff across 11 global offices in Europe, the US, Asia and Australia and has signed with KongZhong Corporation for Chinese expansion.

Wargaming's CEO Victor Kislyi was placed in GamesIndustry International's Persons of the Year list, and World of Tanks also featured as one of the games that helped define 2012.

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Sergiu Badau Wittenberger QA Tester 6 years ago
I don't understand why it says one server. One server would mean that EVERYONE could interact with each other and not just through a chat window. By this logic any chat room hosted on a server would have the same qualities. When we compare this to a game like Eve Online, where every player can interact in more ways (kill/talk/assist/etc) I don't see how WoT can claim such a thing. All the players are on the same server there. Here, there are battles of what, 30-40 ? (haven't played in a while WoT)
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Ben Strauss Consultant, Gun Media Holdings6 years ago
I'm still playing this game. Doing it right now actually.

good use of a Tiger II, James ;).
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Teut Weidemann Consultant Online Games, Ubisoft Germany6 years ago
45m registrations - NOT PLAYERS. This news is misleading as usual. Registrations mean their marketing is on top of things, no one knows how many active users they have.

As for "one server": they say a Russian server has the PCU record, shows that other territories are smaller. I wonder why :)
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Sergiu Badau Wittenberger QA Tester 6 years ago
And I repeat my problem with the "PCU record". It is false. They won't EVER have 600k players on one server being able to interact with each other. Not in a meaningful way anyway. The fact that they can talk to each other...well... GUESS WHAT, does that to.
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Curt Sampson Sofware Developer 6 years ago
I'd be surprised if they even do all their chat via one server. Simple scalability and reliability considerations dictate that you should use clusters whenever you can.

But for some reason, WG really does like to refer to an entire region or realm as a "server," giving the misleading impression that they have a single machine in North America running the whole continent.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Curt Sampson on 27th December 2012 9:48am

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