Black Isle crowdfunding new game

Interplay studio asking for money to build forums, prototype for Project V13

Black Isle Studios is asking fans to chip in for development of its next game. But rather than go the Kickstarter route, the Interplay developer is taking donations through its own site, and pledging to use the money to build forums for backers and a prototype for a new post-apocalyptic strategy role-playing game called Project V13.

The studio today launched the campaign on its own site, but with a number of features that will be familiar to Kickstarter users. The page includes a pitch video with members of the development team (including original Fallout lead designer Chris Taylor), multiple tiers of backer rewards, and a countdown clock detailing how much time is left in the campaign. However, there's no goal amount listed. Instead of charging backers if they collectively donate enough to fulfill the team's funding needs, Black Isle will be charging credit cards at the time the pledge is made. Additionally, the site's legal terms state that Black Isle's basic obligations to backers will be filled if it can launch the forums by the end of July (a late January launch is targeted).

"Since we are no longer constrained by licensing issues, we have the opportunity to build a new IP from the ground up and there is a lot more latitude to unleash our creativity, try some new ideas and even incorporate your suggestions," the site explains. "Our goal at this stage is threefold: 1) prove to management that you want Black Isle Studios resurrected - and all the history and tradition of excellence that goes with it; 2) to continue to staff up BIS and complete our PV13 game design; and 3) to develop a tech demo/proof of concept for our design that will open the doors to additional funding."

Black Isle Studios was shut down by Interplay in 2003. The publisher revived the brand in August with a website launch, but gave no indication what it would be working on. Project V13 was previously the name for Interplay's officially licensed (at the time) Fallout MMO. However, a court battle with Fallout rights-holder Bethesda saw the MMO license taken from Interplay. The current iteration of Project V13 does not appear to include MMO functionality.

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Adrian Herber5 years ago
Even as a regular KickStarter backer this one is so vague I'm not sure what I think about this. Kevin Williams, your thoughts?
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Peter Ohlmann Technical Director 5 years ago
I am not Kevin Williams, but all this looks pathetic and those comments on their webpage are worst. Some real existing game development studio should free Chris Taylor from this 'thing'.
Actually, asking people to pledge money for starting a campaign to pledge money isn't probably the best idea when it comes to crowdfunding.

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Peter Ohlmann on 22nd December 2012 12:34pm

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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game5 years ago
The obligations will be fulfilled if forums are launched? I think most Black Isle fans would take the view that Obsidian has a lot more of Black Isle's true legacy, by having what matters (the people) rather than Interplay, who just have the name. Is V13 alluding to Vault 13?

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Andrew Goodchild on 28th December 2012 7:22am

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Paul Johnson Managing Director / Lead code monkey, Rubicon Development5 years ago
I disagree with established names abusing (imo) kickstarter, but this one is even worse!

Unless I've misunderstood, the pitch is basically "Give us money, because if we get some money then other people will agree we're liked"

Fuck that. I'm taking donations too. We have a small studio and some guys that need paying. So send us money now and we'll thank you for it.
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game5 years ago
I see their Mayan Apocalypse thing didn't seem to work as they hoped. I'm guessing they wanted the V13 counter to overtake the Mayan before zero. It clearly didn't, assumedly this means not so much funding, although I don't see a total.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Andrew Goodchild on 28th December 2012 7:31am

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Thing is, used to be folks put together a sensible sounding plan for folks to investing to craft a dream. Nowadays, it seems some folks are happy to just trade off a name & nostalgia as a badge of credibility, and ask for a handout to potentially realise a dream, with minimal to no risk

Lets all start the emperors new clothes biz model - free to donate ( if you would like to see us realise our dream of a bohemian Gamification lifestyle )
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