Sony to fund FuturLab PlayStation Vita projects

Brighton studio bankrolled by Sony, keeps own IP

Sony is to fund PlayStation Vita content from Brighton's FuturLab game company, the team behind PS Mini title Velocity.

While the platform holder pays for development the studio will keep control of the intellectual property - a deal that FuturLab MD James Marsden described as "the perfect deal".

"FuturLab has a unique and fun approach to entertainment and we see their games as being a fantastic addition to the ever growing catalogue of PS Vita games," offered Shahid Ahmad, senior business development director at Sony Europe.

Other titles from the studio include Surge, Fuel Tiracas and Beats Slider, all for PlayStation Mobile.

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Sebastian Moss Editor -in- Chief, PlayStation LifeStyle7 years ago
Sounds like a dream deal. Congrats!
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Gregory Keenan7 years ago
Good news and fantastic they get to keep their IP!
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Alexey Menshikov Founder and CEO, Beatshapers7 years ago
Does it PlayStation Mobile titles or native PS Vita?
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James Marsden Managing Director, FuturLab7 years ago
Thanks for the good vibes folks! @Alexey, it's native PS Vita titles we're working on in 2013, although Surge is out today for PlayStation Mobile :)
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Alexey Menshikov Founder and CEO, Beatshapers7 years ago
Congrads )

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Igor M D 7 years ago
Good news. Hope Velocity HD is one of those titles. Also, hope it's cross-buy/play compatible with PS3.
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