BAFTA Games Question Time: Women in Games

Video: Broadcaster Jonathan Ross on the evolution of acceptance in video game culture

At a sell-out event in London last week, BAFTA and GamesIndustry International held Games Questions Time, a public forum aimed at shedding light on the continued success of the video games industry.

Presented by Eurogamer's Ellie Gibson, the panel consisted of broadcaster Jonathan Ross, Torsten Reil of CSR Racing publisher Natural Motion, Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson and Lego Star Wars publisher TT Games' Tom Stone.

In the second short video of the event published today, Ross discusses the objectification of characters, games culture finding its own natural levels of acceptance, and parallels with writing for the movie business.

Yesterday's video, tackling the free versus paid debate, can be seen here.

More videos from the BAFTA Guru series can be viewed here.

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James Benn Studying Computer Science, University of Portsmouth7 years ago
Any reason why we can't watch the video of the entire event?
BAFTA have the whole video hosted on YouTube and then bafflingly decided to flag it as 'Private' ?!
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Perhaps once GI biz complete releasing it in 4 parts? It was hosted by so I guess they will package it accordingly
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Rich Sturgess Business Development Director - EMEA, Marmalade7 years ago
Yep, I'd like to see the entire video as I'm gutted I actually missed the event. From the video content shown so far though, it does appear as if it is the Jonathon Ross show - it's interesting to hear his point of view but I hope the rest of the panellists were given the same amount of time to answer and get their points across as well..
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I was at the event, and everyone had their fair share to contribute.
But in reality it was the jedward show. honest!
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Bill Garrison Studying Student, DigiPen Institute of Technology7 years ago
"Women in Games" discussed by 4 men. ...For that matter why is a British talk show host speaking on behalf of the games industry?

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Bill Garrison on 14th December 2012 3:41am

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Dave Green Video Games Events Producer, BAFTA7 years ago
Any reason why we can't watch the video of the entire event?
Sorry we can't make the full video available (for legal reasons) but the 70 min audio version is available to stream or download here: - hope you enjoy it.
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