Splinter Cell film coming from New Regency

The film producer will be handling both of Ubisoft's film adaptations

Ubisoft Motion Pictures and New Regency have partnered to produce the film adaptation of the Splinter Cell franchise, according to Variety. The film will star actor Tom Hardy as Splinter Cell protagonist and super-spy Sam Fisher.

"With actor Tom Hardy attached and screenwriter Eric Warren Singer to write the script, Ubisoft Motion Pictures will lead the development with the support of New Regency to bring the franchise to the big screen in a dynamic way," said Ubisoft Motion Pictures chief executive officer Jean-Julien Baronnet said.

"For Ubisoft Motion Pictures, creative control is key and New Regency shares our commitment to respecting the creative freedom of our team. Their ability to produce both blockbusters and intriguing indie hits is an ideal fit for the 'Splinter Cell' franchise."

New Regency is already producing Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed film starring Michael Fassbender. Variety speculates that Fox will distribute both films, based on New Regency's prior relationship with the distributor.

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Latest comments (3)

Craig Burkey Software Engineer 5 years ago
I liked the Prince of Persia film, so it'll be intresting to see what these are like
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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers5 years ago
You're in the minority with that opinion, Craig. It's being produced by totally different people (Disney and Bruckheimer did PoP) but there's reason to be optimistic about these new movies because of how closely Ubisoft will be involved.
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You're in the minority with that opinion, Craig.
Oh yeah? Based on what? You shouldn't talk in absolutes when you have no idea. It's kind of the theme around here lately. I get much more annoyed by that attitude than I should, so I'm sorry, but please. What's the point in stating that anyway? The minority of critics sure, but I hardly expect them to understand the attraction in a movie based on a game which they have no clue about. It's no Citizen Kane, we can agree on that, but it doesn't have to be and didn't try to be. I really don't care if you didn't like it, but don't project your own feelings on the 'majority', because it's simply not true. Check both imdb and rottentomatoes, I'd say. I'm overreacting because of what went down here lately, but especially a journalist should know.

On topic, I liked it too. Well produced, fun action, a simple but satisfying story and loyal enough to the game (of which I'm a big fan. The Sands of Time-game that is, the others not so much.) So I too am interested to see how it's gonna turn out.
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