THQ bosses spend big on their own Humble Bundle

Rubin and Farrell both chip in, THQ stock rises 40 per cent

It seems one of the biggest supporters of the Humble THQ Bundle is the company's CEO Brian Farrell, who paid $1650 for the collection of titles.

He is closely followed by World of Tanks developer, which has paid $1600, and Jason Rubin, THQ's president, has also helped out, paying $1050 for the collection of games.

Contributors can choose to pay anything for $1 for the collection of six games (seven if they pay over $6) and can choose to split their contribution between THQ, charities the American Red Cross and Child's Play, and Humble Bundle, Inc.

"My donation was 100 per cent charity," tweeted Rubin. "That should not be interpreted as a recommendation to others on their split."

RAD Game Tools, localisation company LocDirect and various employees of middleware company Havok have also all contributed $1050 to the bundle's total. The biggest spender is a mysterious contributor, McJohn, who has paid $1650.01 to secure his place at the top of the leaderboard.

The Humble Bundle seems to have been a good move for the troubled publisher, its stock rose by 37.96 per cent on release day to over $1.60 a share. By close of the market on Friday it was back down to $1.45 a share, but that's still an improvement on the pre-bundle price of $1.07 on November 28.

There are nine days left to purchase the bundle, which at the time of writing has sold 576117 copies and made over $3 million. The average purchase price is currently $5.64.

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gi biz ;, 9 years ago
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Sam Maxted Journalist / Community / Support 9 years ago
There's no way the share price should be affected so heavily by this. I'd be interested in how much money THQ has actually seen as a result of this promotion, but the website doesn't show those figures. By default it's 65%, but I'd imagine a lot of people will be cutting THQ out of the equation and giving everything to charity, as above.

EDIT: I know THQ will be hoping that people buy the DLC for one or more of these games through Steam, but even taking that into consideration that's one hell of a jump in the company's share price.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Sam Maxted on 3rd December 2012 1:11pm

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Stephan Schwabe Multichannelmanagement, Telefonica9 years ago
Looks like thq is back in track! Love that the shareholders trust this company!
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James Wells Gaming Contributor - 9 years ago
I paid $6 or so and put over $5 to THQ, maybe .50 to charity and whatever negligible change was left over to Humble folks. My rationale being the publisher's sticking their neck out with this bundle, a real last-ditch effort to raise some capital, it seems, so I'm supporting them the most.
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Bonnie Patterson Narrative Designer, Writer 9 years ago
Completely agree with Andreas Gschwari that a good back-catalogue should never be allowed to languish and die. *cough cough Bethesda, bug fix and re-release Arena and Daggerfall, and you can have this arm and leg I'm not using cough cough*

At any rate, this gambit worked on me. I am now nicely stocked with Xmas pressies for my friends who have been denied some of these wonderful games, and yes, I did go and buy an enormous pile of DLC. Rawr! C'mon THQ!
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Hugo Trepanier Senior Game Designer, Ludia9 years ago
I didn't participate on the Humble Bundle deal because I no longer game on PC but I thought now was a good time to buy my copy of Saints Row The Third on Xbox 360 :) Their recently released full package includes all DLC and is decently priced. Go THQ!
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Sean Kauppinen Founder & CEO, IDEA9 years ago
Good luck to THQ - it would be great if they make the transition and can regain their position in the industry.
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James Berg Games User Researcher 9 years ago
Bought SR:Third for the third time through this one. Agreed with everyone above, this is a great bundle, and a nice way to support THQ and charity.
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Emily Rose Artist 9 years ago
I always give the majority to the devs on these bundles, they did most of the work afterall. :p

Surprising jump in share price, but I really hope this pans out for THQ.
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Stephen Woollard Online Infrastructure Specialist, Electronic Arts9 years ago
All I want for Christmas is Metro Last Light.

And my two front teeth.

And you (OK that probably came out slightly creepier than I intended, unless of course anyone's interested, in which case; rawr!)
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