Xbox 360 sells 750,000 during Black Friday week

Microsoft's console easily outsells Nintendo Wii U

Microsoft has just announced that its Xbox 360 console sold 750,000 units during the week of Black Friday in the US. By comparison, Nintendo's brand-new Wii U console sold 400,000 units during its launch week. Microsoft also said that Halo 4 "exceeded expectations with impressive sales the week of Black Friday."

Another important data point Microsoft sent along is that Xbox Live Gold Subscription card sales increased more than 50 percent compared to last year's Black Friday week. Microsoft notes "incredible activity on Xbox over the weekend" with more than 14 million people on Xbox Live on Sunday alone, accounting for more than 72 million hours of use in just one day. Microsoft also said that compared to 2011, there's been a 43 percent increase in US entertainment application usage taking place on Xbox Live during the week of Black Friday.

It's important to note that the retail reporting calendar tracked data from Sunday, Nov. 18 - Friday, Nov. 23, so Microsoft's Xbox 360 sales don't even include the last weekend.

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Matches Nintendo sales of wiiu and Wii combined. Bit hard for the wiiu to outsell it when supply constrained ;)

Include all platforms and Nintendo wins easily.

So how did Sony go...?
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James Brightman Editor, North America, GamesIndustry.biz7 years ago
@ Michael, you're right that supply is a problem. As for Sony, they haven't announced anything yet. I will drop them a note.
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Andy Samson QA Supervisor, Digital Media Exchange7 years ago
Microsoft has this "Limited Edition Halo 4 Console Bundle", wonder how many of those got sold. I bought mine from Amazon and I'm not from North America does that get counted?
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Tony Ren Studying Design, University of California7 years ago
Wait, did the 360 sell 750K consoles in the US ALONE? Because the Wii U 400K number is global sales, as far as I know.
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 7 years ago
@Michael(and James you probably already know this)--Sony rarely admits their actual hardware sales on a weekly or monthly basis in the US, especially when their competitors sales are higher than theirs. It's been this way in the US since atleast as far back as when NPD stopped reporting console sales in their monthly reports. What they do instead is send out press releases stating something along the lines of "the PS3 has seen"fill in over-exaggerated word" sales during this latest period and are better than expected. Our systems continue to resonate with our consumers".

@Andy--only if you bought it from Amazon's US site but if you bought it from their UK site it wouldn't count.

@Tony-- the Wii U sales were just for the US, as were the 360 sales. I don't think other countries even have Black Friday, although they probably have something similiar such as Canada's Boxing Day.

These are very impressive(but unsurprising) numbers from Microsoft. Regular edition Wii U's can still be found at some stores but the deluxe systems will most likely be sold out thru out the holidays. Once next January or February comes we will then get a much more fair comparison of 360 vs. Wii U sales.

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Paul Jace on 28th November 2012 12:08am

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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.7 years ago
Tony, Wii U isn't even out anywhere but the US so far.

750,000 is one hell of a number for a 7 year old console.
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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany7 years ago
Ok Bruce, listen...

The fact that so many Xbox got sold this Friday (aside from the price reduction) is the fact that there is still interest in current gen's machines.

Uh? Bruce? Oh! he did not comment yet...

Nevermind then. Sorry...
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John Bye Lead Designer, Freejam7 years ago
This generation of consoles apparently still has a lot of life left in it, and none of them are even down to the magic $99.99 price point yet. Given the continuing weakness of the global economy, I'm not sure why some people seem to be in such a rush to move on to an expensive new generation of console. Nintendo obviously had to move first, as Wii sales dropped off a cliff a couple of years ago, causing most of the rapid decline in retail sales we've seen since then, but Xbox 360 is still selling strongly, particularly in the US, and PlayStation 3 is still doing well in Japan and Europe.
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Rolf Moren Freelance Marketing Consultant 7 years ago
My guess is that the Xbox sales almost all where replacements for older systems out there. Why not get a new and more silent system bundles with the latest Halo. By now most people have realised that the new xbox is at least a year out and that the might need to replace the jet engine imitators they have sitting under their TV.
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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers7 years ago
It's hard to say whether or not this is a bad sign for the Wii U, but clearly what the system hasn't done is take away any momentum from the current console industry leader, the Xbox 360. Obviously there were only so many units available during the first week, but it will be interesting to see how comparisons between the two systems shake out over the coming months.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.7 years ago
Momentum is rarely taken away from strong platforms by the newer consoles right away. It takes a while.

All leading consoles have sold strong moving into the next generation.
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Hugo Trepanier Senior Game Designer, Ludia7 years ago
@Rolf, people don't just buy a $300 piece of hardware because the previous one made a bit of noise, especially not in quantities of 3/4 million in a single weekend. Some of these consoles were replacements, indeed, but the vast majority? Doubtful.

I replaced mine some time ago when the hard drive died out progressively and then completely, a rare but documented issue. I was subsequently happy to have an excuse to get the new silent model but I would probably never have purchased it if I didn't have a problem initially, and I'm pretty sure this is also the case for most middle class families.
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