DoubleFine Humble Bundle titles chosen

Four games will be made into working prototypes for release

Double Fine and the Humble Bundle crew have revealed the four winners of the Amnesia Fortnight developer event. Amnesia Fortnight is DoubleFine's annual prototyping event where the studio splits into small teams to create prototypes of various game ideas. This year, Double Fine is offering fans the chance to decide on which prototypes get made and see their development on a special live stream.

Out of 23 total game ideas, four winners have been chosen by fan vote. Video trailers for each of the winners are below:

Hack n' Slash by senior programmer Brandon Dillon (8414 votes)

Spacebase DF-9 by lead designer JP LeBreton (7926 votes)

The White Birch by art director Andy Wood (7408 votes)

Autonomous by art director Lee Petty (6439 votes)

DoubleFine will be developing these four game ideas into working prototypes over the next two weeks. In addition to the development livestream, 2 Player Production will be posting daily video updates for contributors. Once the two-week development period is done, contributors can also determine which title receives the award for best Amnesia Fortnight prototype.

Those looking to contribute to the Double Fine Humble Bundle can do so here.

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