PS Vita sales jump up on Japanese charts

But hardware charts still belong to Nintendo

While Nintendo stayed dominant on the Japanese hardware chart this week the PlayStation Vita saw a boost of over 9000 units, and the PlayStation 3 also enjoyed a small rise.

The figures for the week ending November 18 show that even with a small fall in sales, with 117,000 the 3DS XL is still miles ahead of its nearest competitor, the 3DS, which shifted over 51,000. The distant third is PlayStation 3 with 17,000 last week.

  1. 3DS XL - 117,435 (Last week - 134,652)
  2. 3DS - 51,441 (52,425)
  3. PlayStation 3 - 17,035 (18,043)
  4. PlayStation Vita - 13,091 (4,021)
  5. PSP - 12,217 (12,076)
  6. Wii - 3,001 (2,921)
  7. Xbox 360 - 2,063 (2,908)
  8. PS2 - 723 (1,187)
  9. DSi - 196 (180)
  10. DSi LL - 157 (244)

In the software chart Animal Crossing: New Leaf stayed on top, with new entry Assassin's Creed 3 stealing in at 2.

  1. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  2. [PS3] Assassin's Creed III (New entry)
  3. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2
  4. [PSP] Summon Night 4 (New entry)
  5. [PS3] Medal of Honor: Warfighter (New entry)

The figures are compiled by Media Create and published by Gematsu.

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Mbuso Radebe Producer, Capcom Vancouver5 years ago
[Insert preferred "over 9000" meme here]. It's nice to see the Vita picking up a bit, regardless of how temporary it may be.

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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.5 years ago
Well played, Rachel.

I believe the 3DS XL model just surpassed the lifetime sales of the Vita in Japan and the 3DS line is nearing the life to date total of the PS3.

Nintendo portables in against them at your own peril.
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 5 years ago
Jim I wouldn't bet against Nintendo portables anywhere in the world. Since 1989(I believe) with the very first Gameboy their portables have done nothing but kick ass and take names. It's for that reason alone that even if the Wii(or Wii U) had failed they could have still come out with a follow up console, backed by all the piles of money they make from their portable division.
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Animal crossing almost at 900k after just 2 weeks and be around 1.2m including digital sales. Last few iterations have been failures sales wise.

This is between 30 and 40 million in revenue for Nintendo with 1 product and 2 weeks in 1 territory. Mobile and tablet markets can't touch this.

Sales of all the new products look disappointing to me... ac3 only hit 100k including the Vita version. Good bump for the Vita and shows that big software will push hardware. But there aren't going to be a lot of ac3 level productions on the Vita...
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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 5 years ago
@Michael Shanger

Gree sales for the quarter ending Sept 30 were $485 million. They estimate annual sales at $2.5 billion.
DeNA sales for the same quarter were $620 million.
Both growing at an immense rate. And both profitable.
Nintendo released no figures for the last quarter, but in the 6 months to 30 September they lost $350 million. And their turnover forecast for the full year is $10 billion.

So Nintendo is about as big as DeNA and Gree combined in turnover terms. But obviously they are very profitable whilst Nintendo isn't.
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