Nielsen: Kids want iOS and Wii U for the holidays

Apple will sell a number of iPads in the next six months

A new study by Nielsen shows that children aged 6 to 12 want iOS devices and Nintendo's Wii U over the next six months. Apple's iPad leads with 48 percent, followed by 39 percent of children pining for the Wii U. 36 percent want the new iPad mini and iPod Touch, while 33 percent want any version of the iPhone.

Losers in the 6 to 12 demographics include the Microsoft Surface tablet (6 percent), a Samsung Galaxy product (9 percent), and the PlayStation Vita (14 percent), which sits below its predecessor the PlayStation Portable (18 percent). The full chart is below:


When it comes to those over the age of 12, 21 percent want Apple's iPad. A computer follows with 19 percent and non-iPad tablets sit at 18 percent. Nintendo's Wii U shows up in fourth place with 17 percent and the iPhone has 14 percent.

Those 13 years and older don't seem to care about the Apple TV, which only has 2 percent. The entire Nintendo DS family, Microsoft Surface, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation have only 6 percent expressing purchasing interest in the next six months. The full chart is below:


[Image via Fast Company]

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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 5 years ago
Apple shares are so cheap just now.
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Craig Page El Presidente, Awesome Enterprises5 years ago
Wow so more kids would rather get an e-reader for Christmas than a Playstation Vita? That has to be embarrassing for Sony...
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game5 years ago
Especially because no one wants a Sony e-reader.
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