GameFlavor Network up for sale

Game news network looking for buyer "Due to other project commitments"

The GameFlavor network is up for sale, with the owners citing pressure from other projects as the reason for selling.

The network, which includes Nintendo site TheRedShell, PSPWorld, PS3informer and Xboxist, is based around the central aggregator hub of itself, with a system of integrated message boards and communities. 4000 users are registered across the network's sites.

"The vision of the GameFlavor Network is to offer up-to-date news, game, and accessory coverage for each of the individual video games consoles yet offer a single meeting point for the readers of those sites - maximizing community interaction while also maximizing revenue potential for each individual site," reads a post on PSPWorld announcing the sale.

"Traffic figures for the individual sites in the network, have proven that the layout, content style, and navigation structure work well.

"The GameFlavor Network is for sale because the owners simply have too many other obligations to focus enough time on the Network to grow it to its fullest potential. This is an excellent opportunity to own a group of sites that are bringing in plenty of revenue yet still have enormous potential growth."

The sale also includes all existing content and the CMS used to power the sites.

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Latest comments (3)

Glen Elliott Partner/Head of Sales, European Game League5 years ago
Am I looking at the right site? Some front page stories go back to 2010, also 4,000 members isn't really alot for a 2 year old+ site.

Is there something else in the story that I'm missing? Just wondering why GI would cover it, if this is the case.

Still would like to know how much it is for sale though.

*edit* Just seen its for sale here for $10,500 -

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Glen Elliott on 19th November 2012 9:20am

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Gregg Baker Head of Community Strategy, Jagex Games Studio5 years ago
For anyone interested, and I doubt there are many, it sold for $1,000.

Still trying to figure out what part of this was news worthy?
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Matt Jeffries Senior Producer, Telstra5 years ago
Sold for $1,000?? Can someone actually confirm that, as the auction on Flipper is still running with a reserve of $10,500.
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