Blizzard CEO wins entrepreneur of the year award

Ernst & Young's award goes to Mike Morhaime for having "propelled Blizzard Entertainment to the pinnacle of the gaming industry"

Ernst & Young revealed today that its winner of the 2012 National Entrepreneur Of The Year award for technology is Blizzard Entertainment co-founder, president and CEO Mike Morhaime. Ernst & Young said its award "encourages entrepreneurial activity and recognizes leaders and visionaries who demonstrate innovation, financial success and personal commitment as they create and build world-class businesses."

In this case, Morhaime has been honored for "his commitment to a high standard of quality that has propelled Blizzard Entertainment to the pinnacle of the gaming industry and positioned the company as an internationally recognized leader in interactive entertainment."

Ernst & Young specifically credited Morhaime for the unique culture at Blizzard where "every voice matters."

"By including the development teams in the decision making process, the company is able to foster an environment where developers are extremely passionate and motivated in their work. The development team seeks feedback from employees throughout the company, making the development of a game at Blizzard completely interactive," Ernst & Young stated. "This sense of ownership, along with the collaborative work environment, has had a very positive impact on the quality level of the games produced, leading to scores of 'game of the year' awards, a globally recognized brand name, and several 'best places to work' awards."

Other Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur Of The Year Technology finalists included Jon Oringer, Founder and CEO of Shutterstock, Ken Xie, Founder, President and CEO of Fortinet, and David Flynn and Rick White of Fusion-io.

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