Rumble Entertainment hires Zynga vets

Brian Schneider and Steve Desilets join the free-to-play studio

Free-to-play development house Rumble Entertainment has added Brian Schneider and Steve Desilets to its team. Schneider will join Rumble's executive team, handling the studio's retention and monetization strategy. Schneider is the former director of design for Zynga, having worked on titles like CityVille and Treasure Isle.

Steve Desilets will join Rumble design director John Yoo in creating new free-to-play experiences. Desilets comes to the company from a position as design director at Zynga. Prior to his time there, Desilets worked at Electronic Arts helping Valve bring the Half-Life 2 titles to consoles.

“At Rumble, we are in pursuit of redefining the games experience on digital platforms,” said Rumble founder Greg Richardson. “Brian's track record of successfully engaging customers across different types of microtransaction games and Steve's raw creativity will further our mission of creating the world's best free to play games.”

Rumble Entertainment is currently developing the free-to-play action RPG KingsRoad.

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Steve Nicholls Programmer 5 years ago
Can we expect them to start releasing lots of copycat games now then.
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