PlayStation 3 certified for Chinese release

Granted a China Compulsory Certificate until 2016

Sony has received China Compulsory Certificate, and is one step closer to going on sale in China.

Techinasia reported that the console had finally received the required safety certificate.

The certificate was issued in July and is valid until 2016.

Consoles are technically banned in the country and have been since 2000, although are often readily available on the grey market imports. They can also be sold if they are labelled as home entertainment devices.

The news is not a guarantee that the console will go on sale in China anytime soon. The Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Wii are not currently available in the country, and there are other issues around game releases and cost to be considered.

The PS3 first launched in Japan in November 2006.

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Raphael Honore Localization Assistant Manager, Blizzard Entertainment Europe5 years ago
Sorry, "greymarket"? It's available absolutely everywhere in retail shops along with all other consoles, straight from HK, Korea or Japan.
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Peter Dwyer Games Designer/Developer 5 years ago

Grey market as in mainland China. You are correct this is available in HK, Korea and Japan. None of those are China. In mainland China I could likely get a rip of a playstation but, not the legal item. To do actual business in China you need to know who to er "approach" for the right permits and forms.

This opens up a large market for Sony but, I suspect that their pricing model will have to be pretty cut throat and I'm also now thinking that this is the reason for the new cheap ass slimer model that recently became available.
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Raphael Honore Localization Assistant Manager, Blizzard Entertainment Europe5 years ago

I've been living in mainland China for over 7 years. In China game shops don't hide their PS3, Xbox, or WII, they're all in plain sight, and yes, it's the real deal. I don't personally own any console but I know countless people who do - it was all bought here and it's definitely the real deal. This is not going to represent a significant sales boost here because the consoles sold here are almost always modified when you buy them so as to run pirated games and Chinese very seldom buy legit games - the same shops selling consoles in plain sight also sell pirated games at a fraction of the price of legit copy - but hidden in the backrooms. To me, *that* is greymarket.

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